Whole Farm Revenue Protection and Other Webinars

Whole Farm Revenue Protection – January 13, 2015 – 7:00pm CST

This Tuesday our winter farminar series kicks off with a presentation on “Whole Farm Revenue Protection.” This new type of crop insurance is available to Iowa producers (and everyone else) for the first time in 2015, and will provide higher levels of coverage and lower premium costs than previous whole farm crop insurance products.

Agricultural economist Jeff Schahczenski with the National Center for Appropriate Technology will review WFRP, outlining its benefits and its more challenging aspects, and beginning farmer and PFI member Tony Thompson will provide farmer questions and insights.

Jeff Schahczenski, an agricultural economist, is NCAT Agriculture Policy and Funding Research Director. He is the author of “Crop Insurance Options for Specialty, Diversified, and Organic Farmers”by NCAT-ATTRA (2012) and created, with RMA assistance, the AGR-Lite Wizard to help farmers explore the costs and benefits of this whole farm insurance product. He has provided workshops and webinars nationwide on crop insurance topics.

Tony Thompson is a beginning farmer operating an expanding CSA on his family’s century farm near Elkhart, IA. He has a PhD in sustainability and product innovation from Sweden. He’s an idealist at heart and a pragmatist in practice, and you’ll find him serving on the boards of the Iowa Farmers Union and Iowa Food Coop. He is new to and only slightly daunted by the complex world of farm insurance.

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January 13 at 7:00pm CST. —

2015 Winter Farminar Series

  • January 20 – Scale and Profitability: The right fit for two vegetable farms
    Dan Guenthner and Mike Racette
  • January 27 – Customer Retention for CSAs
    Pat Mulvey and Ben Saunders
  • February 3 – Setting up Fall and Spring Small Grain Production for Success
    Bill Frederick, Dusty Farnsworth, and David Weisberger
  • February 10 – Oats for Iowa: Variety selection and agronomic production tips
    Bruce Roskens and Darren Fehr
  • February 17 – Cereal Rye: Stand evaluation and seed selection
    Greg Roth and Tim Sieren
  • February 24 – Custom Grazing
    Lani Malmberg and Doug Bartels
  • March 3 – Marketing for your Farm
    Gene Gage, Tyler Magnuson and Caitie Caughey
  • March 10 – Meat Pricing
    Bobbie Gustafson and Tom Cory
  • March 17 – Head to Head: Comparing two crop insurance options for specialty crop farmers
    Kevin McClure, Mark Shilts, and Emma Johnson
  • March 24 – Pesticide Drift: Prevention and response
    Andy and Melissa Dunham
  • March 31 – Food Safety Modernization Act: Implications for farmers
    Sophia Kruszewski and Chris Blanchard

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