Whole Farm Workshops in Wisconsin

Whole Farm Workshops 2011 being held at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute!

Dozens of Whole Farm Workshops (Feb-June) bring the benefits of sustainable agriculture to beginning farmers, advanced growers, and consumers. This year learn all about the pests and diseases that affect your vegetables through our workshops on pests, diseases and weeds. We have classes on tractors and innovative ways farmers are improving their marketing. Take a grant writing class. Maybe you’ve thought of raising chickens or goats or rabbits. Look into biodynamic agriculture or growing grapes biodynamically. What about improving your soil, the heart of your farm? We have classes on soil sampling, cover crops and enriching your soil. Check out our Whole Farm Workshops 2011 and register today!

For descriptions of Whole Farm Workshops:
For registration: https://www.eventville.com/catalog/eventregistration1.asp?eventid=1007446

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