Workshop: Rainwater Catchment in California

Workshop: Rainwater Catchment and Stormwater Management in Oakland, California, 2013 Learn the essentials of onsite stormwater management from conception to construction this Sunday, March 17 at the Redwood Heights Recreation Center. Sponsored by the city of Oakland Rain Barrel Program, and led by the Watershed Project, environmental hydrology firm ESA PWA and DIG Cooperative, Inc., this workshop offers a comprehensive overview of Low Impact Design (LID), and how to incorporate this form of landscaping in your own property.  Participants will leave the workshop with the knowledge needed to begin planning and building a rain garden/earthworks system or rainwater catchment project at home. Space is limited and registration is required. To register for this event, click “read more”

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March 17th: On-Site Stormwater Management Workshop @ Redwood Heights Rec. Center


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