Youth and Youth Educator Sustainable Farming Grants

The 2010 North Central Region - Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (NCR-SARE) Youth & Youth Educator Call for Grant Proposals is now available.

These grants are a part of the Farmer Rancher Grant Program. Their purpose is to provide opportunities for youth in the North Central Region to learn more about Sustainable Agriculture. Sustainable agriculture is good for the environment, profitable, and socially responsible. A total of approximately $34,000 is available for this program. There are two options: 1) YOUTH GRANTS. These grants are for on-farm research, demonstration, or education projects by youth ages 8-18. Research and demonstration projects are for hands-on efforts to explore Sustainable Agriculture issues and practices. Education projects can involve teaching others about Sustainable Agriculture or attending a Sustainable Agriculture conference, workshop, or camp. $400 maximum. 2) YOUTH EDUCATOR GRANTS. These are grants for educators to provide programming on sustainable agriculture for youth. $2,000 maximum. Interested applicants can find the call for proposals online as well as useful information for completing a proposal at

Proposals are due by 4:30 pm, Friday, January 14, 2011 at the NCR-SARE office in Jefferson City, MO.

Potential applicants with questions can contact Joan Benjamin, Associate Regional Coordinator and Farmer Rancher Grant Program Coordinator, at or 573-681-5545 or 800-529-1342. A hard copy or an emailed copy of the call for proposals is also available by contacting Joan Benjamin. We make slight revisions to our calls for proposals each year,
which means it is crucial to use the most recent call for proposals. Since 1988, the NCR-SARE program has awarded more than $40 million worth of competitive grants to farmers and ranchers, researchers, educators, public and private institutions, nonprofit groups, and others exploring sustainable agriculture in 12 states.

Each state in SARE’s North Central Region has one or more State Sustainable Agriculture Coordinators who can provide information and assistance to potential grant applicants. Interested applicants can find their State Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator online at

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  1. I’m on the board of the Four States Irrigation Council (NE, WY, CO, & KS) and we have a conference every January in Ft. Collins, CO. We are in the process of developing our agenda for January 2017 and was thinking that a presentation on youth in farming, attracting young farmers or funding opportunities for young farmers would be something that the audience would like to hear. is their website. This year’s agenda is still available if you’re interested what topics were included.

    Dates for the 64th Annual Meeting: January 11-13, 2017

    And possibly if your organization would be interested the exhibitor space includes one registration at $325 if you need more info.

    Is there a contact number that I can call? Or if you could give me a call at 406-247-7752 we could discuss the possibilities.

    Thanks so much for your time,


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