Free Employment Law Webinars for Farmers

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Beginning Monday March 14th, 2016 – Free Employment Law Webinars for Farmers in MN, WI, IL, IA, MI, and OH

Please forward this important information to any farmers or farm advocates you know in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Ohio. Thank you!

Just in time for the farm hiring rush, Farm Commons is offering free state-specific employment law webinars for farmers in MN, WI, IL, IA, MI and OH.
We’ll go through all the basics- minimum wage and internships/apprenticeships, overtime, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, record-keeping, taxes and more. The important distinction between farm and non-farm employment will be important to anyone with a diverse income stream that includes value-added elements.
Farmers will walk away with a solid understanding of the legal and regulatory issues they need to consider for their employees and interns. And, we’ll do our best to make the material as engaging and interesting as possible!
If you can’t make the live event, it will be recorded and viewable anytime at our website. Register to receive an email when the recording goes up on the site. And attend the live event if possible to get your questions answered!
We are kicking off next week so be sure to check the date for your state and register today!
Farm Commons Believes in Community:
  • We are all stronger when we work together. When farmers and attorneys share knowledge, the entire local food system moves forward. Farm Commons fosters the discussions and connections that build a strong legal backbone for our community.

Farm Commons Believes in Providing Resources:

  • Farmers should be empowered to take action on the legal situations that affect their operations. Our educational resources help farmers identify issues, break them down into manageable steps, and give farmers the confidence to move forward

Farm Commons Believes in Providing Services:

  • Ultimately, farmers need access to affordable, specialized attorneys. Farm Commons leads the edge of sustainable farm law through client representation (currently in Wisconsin), and develops the capacity of attorneys around the country to do the same.

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