Pastured Poultry Production Manager Job

pastured poultry production

Pastured Poultry Production Manager Job at White Oak Pastures in Georgia

White Oak Pastures is seeking a pastured poultry production manager to oversee and coordinate the production of broiler chickens, laying hens, turkeys, geese, ducks, and guinea fowl. At a given time, the farm has up to 100,000 birds on pasture.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the day-to-day production management of the poultry operation and a team of about 20 employees. Responsibilities will include:

  • Ensuring the welfare of the birds under a humane, environmentally regenerative production system
  • Overseeing all logistics, including bird ordering, scheduling, deliveries, transportations, feed and nutrition
  • Designing and implementing pasture management within a rotational grazing framework that also includes ruminants and hogs
  • Maintaining flock health
  • Coordinating with processing division and marketing division of White Oak Pastures
  • Production record keeping

You will need:

  • Effective people management skills
  • Ability to carry out manual duties
  • Creative problem solving
  • Ability to coordinate with the farm’s construction, plumbing, and electrical departments
  • Basic computer skills
  • The desire to learn and embrace holistic management.
  • The desire to learn multi-species grazing

A unique benefit of this position is the freedom to raise pastured poultry without being burdened with the processing and marketing responsibility.

Another unique benefit is being part of a farm workforce of over 100 people. Many facets of production [such as carpentry, accounting, mechanical maintenance, sales, processing, and marketing] are handled by other departments. The candidate can focus on poultry production.

To apply for the pastured poultry production manager job, send resumes to Will Harris at

About White Oak Pastures:

White Oak Pastures is a family-owned and operated producer of grassfed beef, lamb and goat, as well as pastured pork, rabbit and poultry. Committed to the principles of sustainability and stewardship, our five-generation farm has operated continuously on the same land in Early County, Georgia for 150 years. In addition to being the most diversified farm in the South, White Oak Pastures is also known for closed-loop farming practices and a zero-waste protocol that benefits the land, the animals and the consumers we serve.


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