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Your Chef's Table Farm
Farm Associate / Assistant Manager Job at Your Chef’s Table Farm in Brookeville, Maryland
Your Chef’s Table Farm in Brookeville, Md. is hiring several positions for the the 2017 growing season.
About the Farm: Your Chef’s Table Farm is a diversified vegetable and poultry operation located on the grounds of the nonprofit Our House Inc. in Brookeville, Md. We farm approximately two acres of vegetables in the field and in hoop houses and raise chickens (hens for eggs and males for meat). Our vegetables are in the process of becoming Certified Naturally Grown, and our chickens (hens raised for eggs and males raised for meat) are pasture-raised and eat our vegetable scraps. In addition to vegetables and chickens, we sell chef-designed meal kits primarily composed of meat and produce from our farm. Our products are sold year-round at several farmers markets in Montgomery County, are we are in the process of launching an on-farm market.
About Our House: Our House is a residential job training facility for young men. The nonprofit is located on 140 acres, which in addition to housing a dorm and office facilities, is leased out to three farms. The property’s residents (young men ages 16-21) occasionally work on the farms, and farm employees may be required to pass a background check through the state of Maryland.
Work with Us: Your Chef’s Table Farm is hiring for several positions beginning in February and March 2017. Both part-time and full-time employment opportunities are possible, though preference will be given to those who are able to make a full-time commitment. All positions have the possibility of seasonal renewal.
Expectations: The nature of the work is such that the labor is clustered in just a few months of the year, and during that time we need employees who are dedicated and willing to put the farm first. This should not just be a seasonal job for you — we’re looking for those who are seriously considering becoming farmers and thus want to learn real farm skills. Employees willing to take the initiative will find that in additional to standard farm labor they learn how to complete a variety of tasks necessary for farm management, including crop planning, pest management in organic systems, and marketing and direct-to-consumer sales. Additionally, employees can expect to gain familiarity with basic tractor implements and a basic understanding of soil biology and health.
When light and warmth permit, we begin the work day at 7 a.m. Through the winter months, work begins at 7:30. Applicants should be comfortable working outdoors in all weather conditions and with animals, specifically poultry. Tasks may include but are not limited to weeding, transplanting, pest control, minor construction and repairs, packing for market, and on-farm retail. You should have some experience or be comfortable learning to work with heavy farm equipment and power tools. Applicants should also be comfortable with repeatedly lifting 50 pounds. Work days vary greatly: You should be comfortable doing one task for hours (i.e. harvesting beans) and just as happy switching between a list of small tasks all day. All positions require flexibility and a willingness to learn.
Compensation: Farm associates make $10 an hour, are welcome to take home a weekly supply of fresh vegetables and “seconds” of eggs, and can also expect occasional meal kits. We also offer ongoing educational opportunities through the University of Maryland Extension service.
Required qualifications:
A full-season commitment (February/March through October/November 2017)
An understanding of what farm labor entails and a willingness to work hard and put the farm first throughout the growing season
Ability to work in heat and cold
Valid driver’s license and good driving record
Good communication skills
Ability to work by oneself for an extended period of time as well as the ability to collaborate with others
Physical ability to lift at least 50 pounds for an extended period of time
Attention to detail and ability to multi-task
Ability to pass a criminal background check
Desired qualifications:
Previous experience in a hands-on agricultural environment, especially a vegetable and/or poultry operation
A background in direct-to-consumer marketing and sales
Past experience working with at-risk youth
To apply for a job at Your Chef’s Table Farm:
Please send a resume and cover letter to

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