Organic Farm Jobs in the Pacific Northwest

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Organic Farm Jobs in the Pacific Northwest – Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie is hiring for 2017!  

We have opportunities for many different levels including beginning farmers, farmers with a few years experience looking to perfect their farming skills and one position for a young farmer ready to try their hand at running growing operations themselves!

Willowood Farm is a highly diversified, growing to organic standards, vegetable farm on a beautiful island north of Seattle.  We sell primarily into the exciting farm to table restaurant scene in Seattle and count the Top Chefs in the Pacific Norhtwest (literally, one was on Top Chef!) as our customers!  For 2017 we expect to have approximately 12 acres in production and plant over 200 names varieties of vegetables.  Our historic farm has been in our family for four generations and we are very proud to be farming or family land in one of the more beautiful farming spots in the United States!

Our farm is focused on high quality production standards and we use many various small farming techniques to accomplish that goal.  Our close-knit farm team lives on the farm, and is involved in all aspects of the farm’s success.

For 2017 we are hiring for several organic farm jobs in the Pacific Northwest.

Field Production Manager – This is the main “grower” for our farm.  In charge of all aspects of growing from seeding, greenhouse starts, to field transplanting, field prep, fertilizing, weeding, and etc.  This person will be expected to oversee a field crew of up to 5 persons and work closely and collaboratively with Farmer Georgie and other farm management.  This is a full-time, year round position including housing, food and a salary and we are ideally looking for a person who will make a 2 year commitment to the farm.  This position is our “right hand man/woman” and is integral to the success of our farm.

Tractor and Irrigation Specialist.  This is an unique position good for a person with a year or two of farming under their belt looking to expand their skills.  This person will responsible for the primary tractor cultivation (we have several ACG cultivating tractors) as well as some tractor field prep work.  This person will also be in charge of overseeing and implanting our irrigation needs for the season.  In addition this person will be expected to join in with harvest and field crews when needed, or when tractor or irrigation work is not needed.  This position starts March 15 and ends Oct 15 and includes housing and a salary.

Field Crew Internships.  This position is for beginning (1 season farming or applicable outdoor experience HIGHLY preferred) farmers.   Interns are involved in all aspects of the farm – seeding, transplanting, weeding, harvesting and etc.  This is truly a “hands on” learning job and you will learn the nuts and bolts for growing on a production farm.  There are also opportunities for other farm educational experiences including crew training sessions and farm tours of neighboring farms.  This position runs roughly April 15 to Oct 15 (some flexibility to dates allowed), includes on farm housing, food and a stipend.

Please see my website for more information on the farm and these organic farm jobs in the Pacific Northwest!

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