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Webinar: What Urban Farmers Need and How ALL Service Providers Can Support Them
Please join the Cornell Small Farms Program in the 2nd Webinar of our Summer Beginning Farmer Learning Network (BFLN) Lunchtime Learning Series, highlighting the wisdom and experiences of the diverse people involved in the Beginning Farmer Learning Network:

Wed. June 21, 12-1pm

What Urban Farmers Need and How ALL Service Providers Can Support Them

with Molly Riordan Bucknum
The recent boom of urban agriculture is largely being led by beginning farmers, many of whom seek to make a living as well as a difference in their communities. Some of their needs are unique to their urban environments, but many are universal to the beginning farmer experience. Based on an 18-month national study of commercial urban farming including interviews with over 160 experts and visits to scores of urban farms, this workshop will describe the needs expressed by urban farmers and those who work with them, and how service providers can find, serve, and advocate for urban farms. We will also discuss how urban farms can support their rural counterparts, making a case for service provision in city and country.
Molly Riordan Bucknum is a former research associate with the Cornell Small Farms Program and co-author of the forthcoming study, The Promise of Urban Agriculture.


The Beginning Farmer Learning Network is a project of the Cornell Small Farms Program. 

Cornell Small Farms Program’s mission is to foster the sustainability of diverse, thriving small farms that contribute to food security, healthy rural communities, and the environment. We do this by encouraging small farms-focused research and extension programs and fostering collaboration in support of small farms.

The program is a collaboration between campus staff, Cornell Cooperative Extension educators, and other partners across the state. Projects and resources include Small Farms News Service; beginning farmer assistance; statewide work teams on livestock processing, local markets, and grasslands utilization; research on small farm clusters and regional food systems; and professional development training for educators and service providers.

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