Internship to Farm Manager Opportunity

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Heritage Trail Farm is 500 acres of rolling green hills in southwestern Pennsylvania. Our farm has been in the Lindley family for nine generations, and has been used for corn and grain production, raising sheep, grain fed beef, a dairy operation, and now we farm 100% grass fed Red Devon beef, for sale to small grocers, restaurants and direct to consumers. Our farm is located 45 minutes south of Pittsburgh and 8 miles south of Washington, PA, in the small town of Prosperity (no stop lights, one little store). You will need a vehicle to live here. Check out our farm at

Although we can’t pay much, we can provide private housing for the right candidate and up to 2 additional family members. We also can provide use of 20 acres of land for your own use—raising chickens, goats, rabbits or pigs, for example.

Internship to Farm Manager Opportunity Specifics: 

We are looking for the right person to mentor from INTERNSHIP TO FARM MANAGER. This is a wonderful educational opportunity to learn from a seasoned farmer who continues to work in all aspects of the job. Farm tasks are a little different every day, so flexibility is required. Physical tasks–lifting, loading, repairing, using tools, working with large animals, are core responsibilities. The right candidate will know how to use and repair farm equipment or be able to quickly learn on the job. Equipment used will be tractors, small skid steer loader (Bobcat), hay baler, pickup truck, horse trailer, and ATVs.  If you prefer to get around on the farm on horseback, that’s certainly an option we can provide. Help is needed for counting, moving, and monitoring livestock, baling hay, mending fences, cleaning barns, hauling beef to processor, pick up and delivery of frozen beef product to farmers market, restaurants or direct to consumers. Occasional help is needed staffing table at farmers markets. In all aspects of the job, presenting a healthy, positive, and knowledgeable representation of our farm is important. Above all, honesty and integrity are essential; a lack of farming experience and knowledge can be overcome with willingness to learn, be open, honest, and a healthy dose of ambition.  The candidate will report directly to farmer and the market manager.

To apply:  

  1. Current resume.
  2. Personal statement describing why you would be right for this job? What are your farming goals for the next 5 years, 10 years? Persona information is okay. What experiences have shaped you? Will you be bringing a child or significant other? The farm is a great place to raise a child.
  3. Three references are REQUIRED—not family members. Please include their preferred method of contact and tell them they will be contacted.
  4. Written permission to perform a criminal background check.
  5. Send your information by email (preferred)to, attention Market Manager.  Alternatively, you can mail your application to M. Lindley Market Manager, 4012 Hoosac St. Pittsburgh PA 15207.

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