Beekeeping now Legal in New York City

The NYC Board of Health met today and changed the code!! Hooray for Just Food and all the beekeepers and friends who worked to make this change! (relevant part on p 7):

(12) All venomous insects, including, but not limited to, [bee,] bees other than non-aggressive honey bees (Apis mellifera), hornet and wasp. Persons keeping honey bees shall file a notice with the Department, on a form provided or approved by the Department, containing the beekeeper’s name, address, telephone, e-mail and fax numbers, emergency contact information, and location of the hive, and they shall notify the Department within ten business days of any changes to such information. Beekeepers shall adhere to appropriate beekeeping practices including maintaining bee colonies in moveable-frame hives that are kept in sound and usable condition; providing a constant and adequate water source; locating hives so that the movement of bees does not become an animal nuisance, as defined in §161.02 of this Article; and shall be able to respond immediately to control bee swarms and to remediate nuisance conditions.

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