Beginning Farmer and Organic Webinars, Grants, Production Research Articles, More

As usual the April 2011 issue of Ag Opportunities from the University of Missouri is packed with valuable information for farmers and gardeners both within the “Show Me State” and around the country. There are webinars for organic farmers and webinars, workshops and forums for beginning farmers, a research article on using no-till in organic production, farmer training events in Missouri, opportunities for grants and financial assistance for farmers, and lots of news and other events that I’m sure many of you will find interesting no matter where you live.

  • April Webinar – Getting Started in Organic Farming – The Missouri Beginning Farmers Program will continue its monthly webinars in April with a presentation by Liz Graznak of Happy Hollow Farm titled, “Getting Started in Organic Farming.” The webinar will be Monday April 4th from 7:00 to 8:30 pm
  • Organic No-Till Grain Production: Can It Work For You?Traditionally weed control in organic systems is achieved through tillage before crop planting to destroy existing weeds and then a regimented schedule of rotary hoeing and cultivation. In this system legumes and other cover crops are incorporated into the soil.
  • 2011 Growing Growers WorkshopsGrowing Growers workshops are for aspiring or current growers/farmers, and are a great way to learn about sustainable market farming topics from farmers, extension professionals, and other experts.

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