Beginning Farmer Service Provider Training

The Cornell Small Farms Program and the NE Beginning Farmers Project are hosting a 3-day training for Beginning Farmer service providers this fall.  Don’t miss your chance to attend!

This year’s conference, Re-strategizing with advanced BF’s: Supporting scale-up and farm investment decision-making, will be at the Century House in Albany, NY from October 27-29th, 2014. This train-the-trainer conference will help you deepen your skills in supporting advanced beginning farmers and connect you with a BF service provider network that reaches across the Northeast.

We will offer intensive workshops on Credit Readiness, Farm Financial Analysis, Labor and Equipment Decision-Making, Marketing through Wholesale Channels,and Whole Farm Planning. All trainers will also participate in Reaching Out to Underserved BF Audiences, a cultural competency training that will discuss strategies for extending the reach of BF services and programs. A summary of workshop topics and speakers can be viewed HERE.

Through the support of a NE SARE PDP grant, workshops, hotel accommodations, and meals will be provided based on an application process.


If your registration is accepted and confirmed, the Cornell Small Farms Program will:

  1. Cover all meal and hotel costs during the 3-day training.
  2. Provide a top-notch learning experience and connection to a resource network to help you take your BF training to a new level and an expanded audience.


As a participant in this training, you agree to:

  1. Cover your travel costs to and from the training, as well as a nominal $50 registration fee to secure your spot.
  2. Attend and participate actively for the FULL 3 DAYS of the training, including sharing teaching methods you have developed for working with BF’s.
  3. Participate in at least one follow-up webinar through summer 2015.
  4. Assist us in documenting outcomes by using new assessment tools with your clients, responding to follow-up surveys and reporting all training outcomes through August 2016.


We have space for 60 participants. Registration is open until filled or Wed. Oct 1st, whichever comes first. Complete the following steps:

  1. Complete pre-registration HERE
  2. Once we receive your pre-registration form, we will send you a Letter of Commitment for your supervisor to sign, and instructions for paying $50 to secure your spot.
  3. Your reservation is not complete until you have received a confirmation email from us.

Any questions should be directed to Ryan Maher, Cornell Small Farms Program, at

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