Cloud Mountain Farm Center Internship

Cloud Mountain Farm Center

2018 Farm Internship Program at Cloud Mountain Farm Center in Washington State

Cloud Mountain Farm Center Overview:

Mission:  To build experience, knowledge, and community to expand dynamic local food systems.

Cloud Mountain Farm Center (CMFC) envisions a thriving, collaborative community in which regional agricultural businesses are prosperous and contribute to a healthy environment and the well-being of all citizens. CMFC aspires to be a trusted, proactive, and adaptable leader that works with partner educational and trade organizations within the regional food system to further our mission through a number of programs.

Internship Description:

The Cloud Mountain Farm Center Intern Education Program is a rigorous integrated educational curriculum and work-based learning program. This program gives interns a hands-on, farm-based, full-immersion experience in agricultural production and management as well as a solid understanding of the big picture challenges that affect NW agriculture and the communities it serves by putting interns alongside permanent staff on a daily basis. Interns see first-hand what it takes to keep farmlands healthy and agricultural businesses thriving.

Depending upon interests and experience interns may participate in a number of possible internship tracks offered through CMFC:

Onsite Internships: these interns can expect to work up to 32 hours a week

  • Food Production Internship

Interns working on-farm at CMFC get a well-rounded work experience in vegetables, orchards, vineyards, nursery production, and sales and customer service. 

  • Nursery Production Internship

Interns will gain experience primarily in plant propagation, field production, container production as well as customer service and sales, while still having the opportunity to work in orchards, vineyards, and vegetables when the season allows. 

Off-site Internships

Interns interested in focusing on other agricultural enterprises that CMFC does not have including livestock production, herb production, or CSA may be connected with one of our partner farms.  Further contact information will be given if this is requested. 

Internship Education Day participants

For individuals interested only in the classroom and field curriculum part of the program. This would be 1 day a week for 8-9 hours of education. See Continuing Education Units Section for more information.

The intern program averages one day a week where all interns will participate in classroom education, hands-on workshops, and field trips to other farms in the region. The curriculum gives interns the opportunity to explore agriculture through exposure to:

  • diverse agricultural systems
  • business management
  • skill development
  • business planning
  • marketing
  • social and environmental stewardship

development of technical skills related to soil science, botany, ecological pest management and resource management

Onsite interns – CMFC interns will be expected to follow all guidelines set forth in the employee personnel policy.  CMFC interns will be paid an hourly wage of $11.50 and will have the option to take up to 5 unpaid vacation days throughout the internship duration.

Off-site Interns –Those interns placed at partner farms will also work as part of a farm crew, with hours and duties established by the partner farm. Wages and living arrangements will be determined solely by the participant and the partner farm.


Interested applicants should have some background knowledge of plant cultivation and ideally at least one year experience on a working farm. Cloud Mountain Farm Center is now accepting applications for 2018.

Cloud Mountain Farm Center Internship Program Dates:

The 2018 Internship Program will begin in Mid-February 2018 and run through October 2018.


Tuition for the 2018 internship is $4,500. Tuition is due at the beginning of the program; however monthly payment schedules may be an option.

Continuing Education Units (CEU): The Cloud Mountain Internship program is an affiliated Cultivating Success Host Farm, which is a program of Washington State University’s Food Systems.  Through this affiliation, Cloud Mountain interns are eligible to receive WSU Continuing Education Units.  Applicants that are unable to commit to the employment portion of the program, but are interested in participating in CMFC’s full curriculum may still receive these credits. For more information about CEUs please email Jane at         


There are limited scholarships available which are based on need. Cloud Mountain Farm Center’s goal is that finances should not be an obstacle to participation in these programs.  Please inquire to get current information about what help is available.

For a Cloud Mountain Farm Center application please email

Please return a completed application to:

Cloud Mountain Farm Center 6906 Goodwin Rd Everson WA 98247

Or via email to

A completed application must include:

  1. A completed application form
  2. Your current resume: Education and work experience
  3. A list of 3 references. At least two of them must be professional.  Please include their name, address, email and phone number.  Please do not ask them to send us a letter.

Cloud Mountain Farm Center Application Deadline: The last round of applications are due by January 20, 2018, and positions may be filled as suitable applicants apply.  Please note: If all positions are not filled after the application deadline, additional applicants will be considered. 

To learn more about farming jobs and internships or to post an opportunity on, go to:

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