CSA Garden, Farm Manager Job in Virginia

Waverly Farm in VirginiaJob: CSA/Garden Manager Needed for Sustainable Farm in Virginia, 2013. Waverly Farms is a 235-acre sustainable farm that integrates animals (goats, cattle, llamas, horses, hogs and hens) and vegetables.  We offer everything a serious grower needs to build a life and business at our farm, including good land, equipment, cleaning/packing/storage facilities, tractors and implements, knowledge of local markets, a commitment to continuing education, and business planning, marketing and administrative services.  They currently sell vegetables, honey, eggs, pork, beef, goat meat and breeding goats through a small CSA and participation in Farmers' Markets.  They are interested in supporting a serious grower in showing that a living can be made growing clean, safe food in a sustainable manner.  Their website is www.waverlyfarmsvirginia.com. Applicants for a CSA/Garden Manager position should have knowledge of and experience in vegetable and fruit growing and be willing to start small until he or she understands our land and markets, then grow to a level where revenue covers expenses, including compensation.  At that point, the farm owners hope to watch the compensation of their partner grow to support a good life.

The CSA/Garden Manager will be responsible for fine tuning an existing garden plan, then executing according to the plan, including managing interns and local labor, preparing seed, transplant and amendment plans, managing compost, preparing beds, managing weeds, harvesting, cleaning, packing, delivering and selling vegetables, fruit and herbs.  Other farm operations produce beef, pork, goat meat, goat cheese, eggs, honey, canned goods and other products for the CSA/Garden Manager to take to market.  The CSA/Garden Manager is also free to develop new products such as greenhouse plant, cut flowers, holiday greenery or whatever makes sense.

Temporary housing is provided until adequate permanent housing can be found.  Compensation is reasonable, and based upon the individual’s experience.  Waverly Farms hopes to develop a long term partnership that will increase the manager’s compensation as the business grows.  To apply, please email a cover letter, resume and references to patti_rosenberg@hotmail.com.  Patti can be reached by email, telephone or text at 214-914-0323 for questions.

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