Dirty hippies with power tools: Farmer-scientist group wants to ‘hack society’ through open-source technology

by Bonnie Azab Powell, Grist
EXCERPT: One of the most frequent criticisms leveled against the sustainable agriculture movement is that its proponents want to send farmers back to 19th-century hard labor, with hand weeding and harvesting. Here’s an incredibly cool group of eco-minded “farmer-scientists” who aren’t in the least afraid of technology — and in fact believe in “creating industrial processes that are fully in harmony with ecologically responsible living.” The Open Source Ecology team’s first, ambitious project is the Global Village Construction Set — a sort of life-size Erector set of the most essential machines for building a “small civilization with modern-day comforts,” including housing and the means for food, energy, and technology production.

Read the full article at: http://www.grist.org/article/food-2010-12-29-farmer-scientists-want-to-hack-society

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