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Below (click 'read more') we provide a list of companies leasing agricultural equipment. If you are considering a farm equipment lease, you may want to start by looking at: The Economics of Leasing Versus Buying Farm Equipment FactSheet from University of Maryland Cooperative Extension; and the University of Missouri Farm Equipment Lease Page; and Business Equipment: Buying Versus Leasing, an article from NOLO which discusses the pros and cons of each.

FarmNet Services is an agricultural equipment and services directory which lists lots of companies providing agricultural equipment leases.

AgriSeek has information on farm equipment rentals from all over the world.

RentalSite allows you to locate farm equipment rentals across the country.

Farm Rentals can match you with a source for the equipment you need in your location

Agricultural Equipment Leasing & Financing Quotes lets you compare competitive equipment leasing & financing quotes from multiple lenders. Must have Good Credit and 2+ Years in Business. Request Quotes.

Agricultural Equipment Leasing from BuyerZone – Allows you to compare rates from multiple lenders. Free Price Quotes | Start Request Now

VendorSeek Equipment Leasing – Will help match you to qualified equipment providers & compare 5 free quotes. Find Local Vendor | Compare Quotes

Lease Source provides leasing services for tractors and other equipment.

Five Point Capital provides farm equipment leasing and financing.

AG LEASE can lease virtually any new or used Ag equipment.

MachineryLink is an online source for leasing agricultural equipment.

John Deere Credit USA provides lease options for their products.

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