Farm Internship in Vermont 2015

Barn on a FarmWillow Moon Farm Internship - Plainfield, Vermont - Internship Period: June 1, 2015 - August 31, 2015

Located in a small valley on the banks of the Winooski River in a beautiful small town (Plainfield, VT). There are many opportunities to hike, swim, canoe, fish, etc.; some in our own backyard - minutes from Montpelier, the state capitol. They have been operating a full time goat dairy and farmstead cheese making operation since 2010. Additionally they maintain a small bee hive and have a small garden as well as chickens and ducks for eggs. The garden is primarily for on farm consumption. Cheese is sold through local farmer's markets and some wholesale – they direct market all their own products. While not certified organic, they endeavor to use humane and caring principals in day to day operations and care for animals and land.

Cute GoatOpening for one intern - term start/ends are somewhat flexible, tentatively beginning no later than June 1st and ending August 31st. Day to day farm life will focus on goat care, cleaning, milking, and some opportunity for cheese making/market prep/etc. if there is interest - but this is not the primary focus of this position. Candidates should be physically able (lift bales of hay, 50lb. grain bags, push wheelbarrow and wield a shovel). You will work 6 days/week - some days predictable hours, others not so much. We try to set a schedule but also be open to a little flex here and there, making time for a little R&R in every day. They milk twice a day so you'll cover one or both of those milking shifts every day except your day off. As with any dairy, lot's of cleaning and animal care - and repeat. Some of it hard work, some of it more laid back (like taking the goats for a pasture walk).

Experience working with animals is a plus. Candidate is expected to be a self-starter and adaptable to daily farm life. Candidates should be physically able (lift bales of hay, 50lb. grain bags, push wheelbarrow and wield a shovel). Creative thinkers and a good sense of humor about life in general is helpful. Farm work is hard work and requires a commitment of time and energy. The farm operates 7 days a week but there is always time for a little R&R every day – especially during the summer!

They will share 15+ years of experience in animal husbandry and offer hands on experience in caring for goats including nutrition, health, breeding, milk production, and farm management. You will be expected to work independently but will continue to work side by side with mentors throughout your internship. Weekly stipend as well as a small but private trailer on the farm with access to a full shower. No smoking in any farm buildings. Trailer has cooktop and fridge. Mostly independent meals, occasional shared meals. Meat is eaten on this farm but respect to vegetarian choice. Basic staples provided for meals on your own plus fresh vegetables from the garden, goat milk, cheese & eggs from the farm.

Work on the farm is demanding but rewarding and every day offers something new and it will be as exciting and rewarding as you allow it to be. Things come up and other things go wrong, but prefer to keep communication open and work through things respectfully.

Please submit your resume, cover letter, personal statement, dates available, and references. Applications should be submitted no later than March 15th.

Willow Moon Farm
1495 Coburn Road, Plainfield, VT, 05667

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