Farm Learning and Work Opportunity in Tennessee

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Tennessee Farm PigsJune, 2015: We have a learning and work opportunity on a livestock/produce farm in the mountains of East Tennessee.  We produce layers for eggs, broilers for meat, pigs for meat, and goats, both as pets and as meat goats.  We are a small family run and operated property in between Knoxville and Kingsport, TN.  We are seven miles from a small town, but part of a group of local folks interested in sustainability, organic agriculture and the local food scene.  We do all of our own marketing deliveries and promotions.  We market in the Tri cities and in Knoxville, make twice weekly trips to the butcher, attend a weekly farmer’s market and do two rounds of deliveries weekly.  We maintain our flocks, and our herds, keep the house cleanish and try to keep up with additional farm projects (a solar heated outdoor shower, a composting toilet, repairs to the collapsed hoop house, plant starts, rainwater collection, mowing and reseeding of pastures, moving pigs and piglets, among others) in the meantime.  We do have friends and customers who visit and help on a pretty regular basis.  Our house hold includes 10 dogs (yes, really there are 10) and five household cats.  We do have a space in the house that we generally use as rental space on airbnb, but that we can offer as short term lodging.  We also have a middle aged 24′ RV with running water, a working toilet and cooking facilities for a little more privacy.  We are able to include you in some of the household meals, provide you with cooking basics and offer you additional meat and produce from the farm.  We can pick up potential helpers from the bus station in Knoxville, or one of the local airports.  We do have additional cars, but we will need to make advance arrangements to share them.  We do expect a minimum of at least 8 hours of work a day, in the summer even more, we offer a day a week of rest, and we can make advance arrangements for holiday time off.
Local, regional hiking, water sports, outdoor activities are all available.  Regional centers are Knoxville, Asheville, Johnson City.  Please, or 423-921-7979.  Please friend us on Facebook, at Elizabeth, JEM Farm.  Look at for more info.  Thanks so much for your interest.

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