Farmer Educator Job in Massachusetts

 Farmer Educator Position
Job Opportunity  
Holly Hill Farm in Cohasset, Massachusetts is looking for an experienced farmer with managerial skills, coupled with experience in the “community/educational farm concept”. We are a certified organic farm and education center in coastal Cohasset, MA. This is a full time, year round position, and individuals or couples are welcome to apply. We are looking for candidates who are prepared to make a long-term commitment.
Plants for Sale

Annual Plant Sale at Holly Hill Farm

Major Duties and Responsibilities  
The primary duties and responsibilities include the following:
·         Management of the farm’s vegetable and flower growing operations. Duties include management of soil operations such as composting and the utilization of cover crops and green manures; seed and amendment selection; development and implementation of a crop rotation plan and planting schedules; greenhouse management; control of pests and weeds; harvesting; selection, prep and presentation of veggies for sale.
·         Management of the farm’s Annual Spring Plant Sale for which we grow more than 30,000 seedlings and sell them during the last two weekends in May.  Maintain a seeding and potting-up schedule.  Manage the greenhouse for heat, moisture, pests and diseases.  Greenhouse is heated with a woodstove-experience heating with a woodstove is essential.
·         Participation in the farm’s community and education activities including assisting in the development of programs and curriculum, participating in planning meetings, and serving, as required by circumstances, as a field or classroom instructor.
·         Management of the farm’s marketing operations. Duties include serving as a liaison between the farm and both its established and potential clients and coordinating the operation of the farm stand at the farm and at farmers’ market.  Farm stand operation includes the sale of produce from other area farmers.  Farmer is responsible for purchasing and managing sales and stock of this produce.
·         Management of the recruitment, training and supervision of other full or part-time and/or seasonal employees, interns, apprentices and/or volunteers.
·         The planning of weekly activities and schedules.
·         Coordination of weekly farm activities and tasks with Educational Director, Farm Director, Staff and Farm Owner.
·         Integration of youth into farming activities.  Identifying age-appropriate activities and leading youth and/or instructing farm teachers.  Participation in the farm’s administration including data collecting, record-keeping and reporting required to maintain organic certification and assisting in the keeping of financial records, making of budgets, handling of receipts, etc.
·         Participation in long-term strategic planning activities working towards the goals of sustainability and conservation practices on the farm
·         Active involvement in the farm’s off-season, small firewood operation.  This involves clearing fallen trees from our forests and trails, bucking with chainsaws, splitting with a hydraulic maul, stacking, and later delivery of wood.
·         Participation in maintenance of driveways, barns and sheds, fields, woods and trails. Plowing and shoveling of snow is required for winter access to buildings and animals.
·         Overseeing the routine maintenance and repairs for farm machinery, equipment and tools. The farm manager will develop and implement maintenance schedules.
·         Participation in the farm’s security operations to assure its protection from fire, storm damage, vandalism and theft.
Preference will be given to candidates with 5 or more years of experience in agriculture and community education accumulated through a combination of work or education. Furthermore the successful candidate will be:
·         Skilled in all major organic/sustainable agricultural practices including greenhouse management and the successful growing of an extensive variety of vegetables and flowers.
·         Skilled in post harvest handling of vegetables, flowers, and herbs.
·         Experience with marketing of vegetables, flowers, and herbs at farm stands, farmers’ markets, restaurants, specialty food stores, etc.
·         Skilled in dealing with clients and the general public.
·         Supportive of and able to contribute actively to the owners’ goals of utilizing the farm for educational and community purposes. Preference will be given to candidates who have experience teaching young people and/or adults in the context of a farm.
·         Familiar with the operation, maintenance and repair of basic farm machinery, such as tractors and attached field implements and mechanized gardening equipment such as roto-tillers, mowers, chain saws, etc.
·         Responsible, hard-working, self-starting, flexible and capable of growing as the farm grows.  Open to learning new skills, capable of self-starting and working independently but also effective as a team player.
·         Capable of supervising and training other employees and volunteers and organizing their work schedules.
Compensation includes:
·         Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications of candidate.
·         Health benefits (partial).
·         10 or more paid holidays and 2-4 weeks paid vacation depending on length of service with the farm. Vacation time is authorized during the off-season.
·         Housing is an on-site farmhouse with 3 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, office and a living room. Housing is shared with farm employees and is used for seasonal educational activities.
Next Steps   Interested candidates are to send a letter and resume describing background and qualifications; addresses, phone numbers and email addresses where and when she or he can be reached. Candidates must include a list of 3 references. References will only be contacted after it has been determined the candidate is among the finalists, and she or he has given specific permission for Holly Hill Farm to do so.
Qualifying candidates will be contacted to arrange an interview and visit to the farm. Non-qualifying candidates will be informed of their status within a month of receipt of their application. The position will remain open until a qualified candidate is retained.
Cindy Prentice, Holly Hill Farm Director
236 Jerusalem Rd.
Cohasset, MA 02025

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