Farmers Know Best!

 New Forum on Sustainable Agriculture 

The new ‘Farmer Knows Best’ forum is not a call to pomposity and hubris. Rather, ATTRA, the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service, wants to create “a way for farmers, researchers, educators, and anyone else interested in sustainable agriculture to start or contribute to a conversation…”

The forum is set up with many topic areas, including a “beginning farmer” section. Other sections include water management, soils and compost, pest management, organic farming, and more, including an area for general conversation that may not fit one of the specified topic areas.

There are already two conversations going on in the “beginning farmer” section. Go on over and check them out, or start your own conversation. Remember to peruse the many materials available on too!  The “Information Pages” are always right to your left (confused yet?) on this blog.

How do you engage in discussions about farming? Does the ‘Farmer Knows Best’ tool appeal to you? How do you engage with resources like What balance to you have between web resources and community resources for learning about farms and farming? Let us know. Let each other know. Keep talking!

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