Farm Pictures: Pigs, Chicken Tractor, Guard Dog, Taro

People have been sharing some great farm pictures both on my Facebook Site, and through e-mails. Here are a few, and there are a lot more on Facebook. Please share your own, either through facebook, or by sending them to me directly, and I'll be happy to add a link to your farm with the pictures I post.

Chicken Tractor Homemade

Jake Kerby's Chicken Tractor

      Here on the left, Jake Kerby has shared some great pictures of his pigs, and his homemade chicken Tractor.
Free Range Pigs

Jake Kerby's Free Range Pigs

        The next picture (below) of Chris Holman's Great Pyrenees pup, Kelby (the guard dog) guarding the chickens in the greenhouse at Nami Moon Farms in Custer, WI is one of my personal favorites.
Dog Guards Chickens on Farm

Gaurding the Chickens

And the final picture here  is from my friend Kurt Lamour, a Plant Pathologist at the University of Tennessee (who some of you may recognize from the morel mushroom foray pictures over the last few years) from his recent trip to Hawaii. As he describes it, "old farmer Nanna Margaret took us into the valley with her 4wd truck - me and Sandesh (one of Kurt's Graduate Students) standing in the back while she drove straight down and up a creek at the bottom. She's been farming taro here near Hilo on the big island for 55 years. (it's big, so click Read More to view it)

Taro Growing Near Hilo in Hawaii

Taro Growing in Hawaii

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  1. I was just on the Big Island last January. We’re going back in October. We haven’t been to Hilo yet, but this picture reminds me of Waipio Valley on the Northern coast of the Big Island.

    I can’t wait to get back there and this pic reminds of the beauty of Hawaii.

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