Filmmaker Documents Plight of Our Nation’s Farmers

Spanning over a decade of time, documentary filmmaker Jan Weber (“As We Sow“) continues her ongoing quest to document the plight of our nation’s farmers, and their often heroic efforts in navigating through our present day food system. Recently Weber has taken to the road on a 5000 mile journey—from East New York to West Texas over the summer and fall months visiting farms of all shapes and sizes along the way.

The end goal is to bring an hour-long documentary, “Farmlandia” to viewers. Here’s an excerpt from her website describing this ambitious project: “This new documentary uncovers a food and farm system made up of very different and often opposing views of how farming should be done, where it should be done, and to what end. Farmlandia lies at the intersection of Big Ag and the independent farmer and rancher, revealing the harsh realities of a distressed, dysfunctional—if not broken—food system and the seeds of a not-so-quiet revolution aimed at changing it.”

For those wishing to learn more, and to donate to this worthy project, here’s a link to her Kickstarter Farmlandia campaign. The deadline is Sunday, September 4th. For a current status of her journey: Farmlandia updates.

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