Great Video of Farmer Who Has Been No-Tilling for Over 17 Years

From our friends at Cooking Up a Story:

Several years ago, Forgey began thinking about how he might include cover crops on the 8500-acre farm to improve soil and the bottom line. But how best to do this in a no-till system? Usually, cover crops are tilled into the soil while they are still green in order to promote soil quality and fertility, but that is not an option in a no-till system. Forgey received a SARE grant to test the feasibility of using cover crops at Cronin Farms. It’s an on-going experiment, but after three years, results are promising. One cover crop mix of turnips, cowpeas and lentils increased corn yields by 18-20 bushels per acre in the SARE farm trials. And, the rate at which the organic matter in his soil has increased has gone up too since adding a cover crop to his no-till system.

To read more, and to access the PDF referred to in the video, please visit Cooking Up a Story

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