Healthy Foods Video Contest: Submit Your Entry

What: Thane Ritchie Healthy Foods Video Contest

When: April 18, 2011 through July 18, 2011

Prizes: Winner receives: $1,000 Apple Store gift card; Runner Up receives: $500 Apple Store gift card; People’s Choice Winner receives: $500 Apple Store gift card

  • Make a video of 5 minutes or less.
  • Highlight a problem, tell a story, or show a solution, that involves healthy foods at school, at work, or in the world!
  • Highlight a person or an organization that is making our world better with healthy foods!
  • Make it serious or make it fun, just make it!
  • Vote for your favorite videos!

Thane Ritchie Healthy Foods was created to promote the sustainable production and use of healthy foods in our society. This website seeks to document the loss and degradation of healthy food sources in our world and to promote those who are trying to bring back the usage and supply of healthy foods in our societies and our schools. As well as bringing news and information Thane Ritchie Healthy Foods wants to promote and reward those people and organizations who are working to build healthy sustainable food resources in their communities. We are currently working on ways to reward and promote individuals and organizations that come up with innovative and productive plans for the propagation of sustainable healthy foods in our schools and local communities. Our areas of focus will be: local Farm to School supply and distribution, Sustainable Urban Farming, Sustainable Organic Methods and Usage, and School Gardens. Stay tuned as we work to roll out this exciting program. To learn more go to

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