Holistic Financial Planning Workshop for Farmers in Illinois

Holistic Financial Planning Workshop
Date: Wednesday, July 8
Time: 9am-5pm, Lunch provided at 12:30
Location: Angelic Organics Learning Center, 1547 Rockton Road, Caledonia, Illinois 61011
Cost: Free for CRAFT Members
RSVP: Email Farmer Training by Friday, July 3

Please RSVP by Friday, July 3rd to farmertraining@learngrowconnect.org.

Those who RSVP will be informed of last minute changes and be provided lunch, therefore it is in your best interest to RSVP.

The Holistic Financial Planning (HFP) workshop, hosted by Cree Bradley, provides tools and a process to help participants manage and allocate their money, resources, labor and time to achieve the best possible financial outcomes that moves them towards the future they desire. HFP includes a thorough process of looking at one’s whole financial picture, to include farm and off-farm work, as applicable, as well as personal income and expenditures, and prioritizes wealth generation and planning for profit within a framework that is attainable and motivating. HFP distinguishes between financial planning, management, and accounting in a way that fluidly connects these activities, creating an annual financial plan that can be monitored for cash flow and enterprise analysis, while also providing a strong framework for long-term capital, infrastructure, and quality of life investments.

Participants will identify their current financial situation while envisioning their future financial goals. The session will provide step-by-step instruction and financial planning sheets (hard copy and electronic templates). Pencil will be put to paper to ground the financial planning process, prepping folks for financial planning work they can try for the 2016 season while also providing decision-making concepts such as gross profit analysis, marginal reaction, and the weak link solar chain that can be applied immediately towards a more holistic way of thinking about farm enterprises and our lives in general.

The HFP process harnesses human creativity and logic to help participants take control of their financials, thinks about wealth in the form of dollars, social wealth, solar wealth, and biological/mineral wealth. Farm enterprise budgets are less cumbersome and often, the financial plan is a richer, deeper document for many who have used this process. HFP will offer a surprisingly refreshing and motivating take on financial planning; a worthwhile break in our otherwise busy summer farming season.

Cree Bradley is a practitioner of Holistic Management, a value based decision-making process for managing natural resources that generates financial strength and improves quality of life while enhancing the environment that sustains us. Utilizing her formal education of Holistic Management, as well as personal experience of applying Holistic Management principles and practices to her operation, Chelsea Morning Farm, she will cover key topics one needs to know to start managing agricultural pursuits holistically. The session will be designed for interaction between participants and partners and will include hands-on components. It is highly recommended that adult family members (spouses) and farm business partners attend together as possible.

Please RSVP if you would like to attend. Lunch will be provided.

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