Job and Internships on Small Diverse Farm in Arizona

THIS JOB HAS BEEN FILLED. DO NOT APPLY. Farm job and internships are available at Moonrise Farms, located in remote central Arizona for the 2012 season. They grow in a high desert climate which is arid but temperatures are moderate. They are a small diverse farm growing a wide variety of vegetables on about 1 ½ acres. They sell most of their produce through Farmers Markets and CSA. The farm has a thriving spring seedling business in organic heirloom vegetable starts. The farm has several greenhouses and a nicely finished packinghouse. They also raise chickens for eggs, goats for dairy, and hogs for meat. Their strengths include an excellent reputation as a leading local farm, farmers knowledge, and quality produce. Their challenges include their remoteness from large markets, poorly established local food systems, and windy spring weather.Small Diverse Arizona Farm Assistant Farm Manager: Learn all aspects of running a small diverse farm. You will be expected to work with the farmer and the gain the knowledge and skills necessary to operate this small farm. Duties will include supervision of employees and volunteers to ready planting beds, plant crops, cultivate, perform pest management, harvest, clean pack and store a wide variety of vegetables. Responsible for overseeing daily livestock chores for chickens, turkeys, goats, and pigs. Responsible for getting inventory ready for delivery to CSA and markets. Responsible for direct sales at farmers markets and CSA distribution. Responsible for record keeping including harvest records, inventories, CSA tracking, sales records, and financial records. No aspect of this farm business will be unavailable for you to learn, even those activities which may happen outside the timing of your Manager position. If you want to learn how to manage a small farm, here’s a great place to start. You will be exposed to a wide diversity of agricultural ventures on a small scale, and be able to really choose those which have an interest for you. Starts March 1st-October 31st. No scheduled days off, flexible personal time. This is the same as the farmer’s schedule. This job will require well over 40 hours per week. Compensation: Room and Board plus salary awarded in keeping with the seasonal increase of farm cash flow and advancing knowledge of the Manager. Bonuses may be awarded based upon performance and profitability. Average pay without bonuses $575/mo, $4,600 for the season. Scheduled as follows: March-May $1500, June-July $1200 (bonus possible), Aug-Oct $1900 (bonus possible). Qualifications: Only applicants willing to commit for the whole season should apply. Some farm experience required. Must be energetic, hardworking, self-motivated, love farming, be an excellent communicator and able to supervise others. Candidate must be detail oriented and organized. Ideal candidate wishes to have their own farm or desires to manage a CSA. FOR APPLICATION DETAILS AND INTERNSHIP DESCRIPTIONS CLICK "READ MORE"

Moonrise Farms Internships 2012: Interns will be given the opportunity to learn all aspects of thier particular position, through direct hands-on training as well as verbal instruction. Tutorials will be given on all the skills necessary. As an intern, you should be guided by your own interests and initiative for in-depth discussions and advanced training on any aspect which you desire to learn more about. As your knowledge and skills increase, you will be expected to teach and supervise volunteers working on the farm within your area of experience.

Greenhouse Internship Duties: Intern will learn all aspects of greenhouse management for small farm. Responsible for seeding and potting up as well as watering and temperature management for several greenhouses. Responsible to learn different seedling production for fields and retail sales. Also responsible for management of greenhouse grown produce including tomatoes and other crops. Responsible for detailed record keeping. Some transplanting to fields and/or direct sales at farmers markets may be part of your duties. This is an exciting and important part of the farm in springtime, and you’ll learn how to start many types of vegetables and herbs. We specialize in Naturally Grown heirlooms and open pollinated peppers and tomatoes. Starting March 15 ending June 15 (3 months) 5 days/ week. Qualifications: Some experience with plants strongly desired. Self-motivation, trustworthyness and attention to detail required. Compensation: Room and Board plus stipend of $250-$300/ mo. (depending upon experience).

Harvest Specialist Internship Duties: Learn all aspects of harvesting, post-harvest handling, and packing a wide variety of crops on a small farm. You will be responsible for a daily picking list and record keeping. You will also be responsible to learn the proper storage of all crops post-harvest. You will learn all aspects of packing for retail sales and CSA, and be responsible to work with others in the packinghouse and kitchen to get ready for market. Starting August 1 ending Sept 30 (2 months) 5 days/week. Qualifications: Some experience with produce helpful. Hardworking, attention to detail required. Compensation: Room and Board plus stipend of $250- $300/ mo. (depending upon experience).

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