Map Your Land Using GIS Tools

Farmers and landowners: Understand, visualize, and map your land in new ways using free web-based Global Information Systems (GIS) tools. A new online course that teaches you how to use these tools is available from for $99.

This self-paced, video-based course on DVD introduces digital mapping tools and techniques (GIS), and how farmers, small landowners and permaculture designers can use these tools with freely available data for site planning.

The course provides an excellent introduction to GIS for any small landowner interested in visualizing terrain of the land, planning layout of buildings and gardens, and using GIS maps in Google Earth. You will learn about freely available aerial photos, topographic data, soil maps, and other spatial layers, and how to view and manipulate the data using the open source GIS software QGIS. Details at:

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  1. This looks like a great idea. Perhaps something we can do an introduction to at the Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference.

    One question, because I can’t leave a comment on the site – will these tools work with Apple computers? Seems like a lot of the free or shareware GIS stuff out there is heavily skewed toward PCs.

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