National Animal Identification System (NAIS) Update, 2010


The real world was not kind to the USDA’s plans for a National Animal Identification System (NAIS). It is now January 2010 and NAIS is still pretty much dead in the water. According to the USDA’s timeline all three components of NAIS were supposed to be fully implemented by January of 2009. The reality is:

Premises ID has not been implemented. Animal Tagging has not been implemented. Animal Tracking has not been implemented.

Over 90% of farmers and consumers were vehemently against NAIS both in independent polls and at the USDA’s own listening sessions in 2009.

Congress has defunded NAIS.

Proponents of NAIS, who benefit by selling tags and market monopolies through Big Ag, continue to promote NAIS quietly looking for back doors through which they might slip the noose over the necks of free farmers and consumers.

Be vigilant. Keep supporting small-scale local agriculture because that is where food security lies.

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