Need Farm Interns for 2015? Try MESA!

Looking for 2015 Farm Interns? Try the Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA)!

Are you thinking about who your interns or crew will be for the 2015 season? Still looking for that extra bit of inspiration – the right person that makes farm work all the more meaningful? MESA still has some highly qualified international farmers looking for places to train in the U.S. from Mid-April through (at least) Mid-October.

Help build an international network of small farmers committed to sustainable farming by hosting a MESA Steward. Take a moment to review the roster ( and you might find the fresh perspective you’re looking to add to your farm this season.

If you’re not too familiar with MESA, or you want a refresher, check out our website for more information about MESA or for more specific information about hosting. This year we are offering host farmers and their entire team access to our new online agroecology curriculum as a perk for hosting one of our stewards. I look forward to working together towards our shared mission of expanding sustainable food systems and strengthening local communities. I hope to hear from you soon!.

To speak with us please call our office: 888-834-7461 or email us at

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