New Website Connects Local Meat Producers with Customers

Home Grown Cow connects farmers with customers who care where their meat comes from. Based in Wisconsin, with offices in Colorado and San Francisco, Home Grown Cow is doing its best to support local livestock and poultry farms by helping them find customers for their products.

The goal is simple and twofold: 1) Make it easy for farmers to market and sell their meat directly to consumers and for them to receive a greater share of its value; 2) Make it easy for consumers who care where their meat comes from, and what kind of meat it is, to find farms that produce what they want.

Home Grown Cow is a new site, but its biggest advantage is that it’s totally free for farmers. Home Grown Cow only charges a service fee to a farmer when something is sold. To sign up click HERE

They provide farmers with the following services: Online Marketing; Order conveyance; Payment Processing; Reporting.
For consumers they offer: An easy-to-use comparative shopping experience; Meat and poultry of all kinds in any US location; Payment security (payment information never goes beyond them); Unbeatable prices for quality meat.

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