Northeast Organic Farming Association’s Summer Workshop Series

For those who don't know about the NOFA Summer Conference, this listing of the workshops to be presented in just the first of the weekend's eight sessions will provide a flavor. For full list and descriptions go to All these plus Will Allen, Paul Stamets, dancing, music, a fair, great local and organic food and over a thousand wonderful people of all ages at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, August 7-9, 2009. Hope to see you there. Visit for more information.

Workshops marked * will be taped for future rental through the NOFA Video Project.
Workshops marked ** will qualify for credits in the NOFA Organic Land Care Program.
Workshops marked *** are part of the Mass Grass Grazing School.

1) Animal Power in Vegetable Fields – Tevis Robertson-Goldberg
2) Attached Greenhouse for Food, Heat, and Hot Water – Bob Jennings
3) Dahlias and Gladiolas – Lynda Simkins
4) Gardening Like the Forest: Home-Scale Food Forestry** – Dave Jacke
6) Growing Small Fruits – Daryl Hoitt
7) How to Be More Self-Reliant During Difficult Economic Times** – Bill MacKentley: Longtime druid greenman and scrounger for 60 years!
8) Land Trusts & Grassroots Community Organizations – Kate Kerivan and Sarah Mildren
9) Learning about Loans, Grants, and other Financial Assistance for NE Organic Farms – Norman Bender and Joseph Bonelli
10) Let’s Lacto-fer-mentate! – Beth Ingham
11) Make Delicious Meals with Local Greens – Leslie Cerier
12) Organic Apple Growing at Bird of the Hand Farm** – Cathy Harragian and Sue Harragin
13) Pastured Certified Organic Poultry Production* – Julie Rawson and Jack Kittredge
14) Pedal Revolution: Bike Transport Today – Jack Spula
15) Principles of Making Quality Hay – Stephen Herbert
16) Restoring Our Seed: On-Farm Breeding for Farmers** – Ruth Hazzard, Eli Rogosa, and CR Lawn
17) Rethinking Local Agricultural Infrastructure – Margaret Christie and Jess Cook
18) Sausage Making, Smoking & Curing at Home – Anne Obelnicki
19) TOUR: Hampshire College Farm Tour – Leslie Cox
20) Transitioning a Dairy Farm to Organic – Sarah Flack
21) What You ACTUALLY NEED to Live Off the Grid, and Why – Jim Strickland and Dave Smally

TEEN WORKSHOPS – FRIDAY 2:00-3:30 PM – Grad Lounge, Campus Center
22) How to Bag Waste – Heather Botelle
23) Tie-Dying – Sharon Begley

CHILDREN’S WORKSHOPS – FRIDAY 2:00-3:30 PM – Cape Cod Lounge, Student Union
24) Butter Making for Beginners (Ages 7-12) – Gavin Harper
25) Creating a Nature Weaving (Ages 5-10) – Adele Smith-Penniman
26) Drawing from Nature (Ages 7-12) – Deborah Bazer and Lahri Bond
27) Felting Fun (Ages 6-12) – Iris Weaver

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