Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group News 6/11

Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group News, June 2011; A monthly digest of food and agriculture news

Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

1.) Mrs. Obama’s new dish knocks food pyramid off the table

2.) Pennsylvania’s per gallon milk price premium for farmers

3.) Fish fraud: new DNA test shows 25% of fish mislabeled

4.) Midwest corn crisis good and bad for Delaware farmers

5.) Foreign policy analysts discuss the global food crisis

6.) Exploring regional food systems as a food security solution

7.) USDA grants for farm direct marketing

8.) Hops on the farm, beer at the Union Square Greenmarket

9.) New sustainable agriculture research and education resource

10.) Monsanto markets “convenience produce” to consumers

11.) The plight of Japan’s Fukushima region farmers

12.) New farming technologies make money in New Jersey

13.) Hard science shows cows on pasture better for environment

14.) Are potatoes bad, or is it just the way we cook them?

15.) USA’s founding fathers were also our founding farmers

16.) Preliminary agenda set for “It Takes a Region” 2011


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