Organic Agriculture, Urban Farming, Chicken Housing, and Farm Policy

Here we present some excellent articles on a broad range of agricultural issues including organic agriculture, urban farming regulation in San Francisco, the essentials of chicken housing, and the effect of recent Congressional budget cuts on agricultural programs. All are well written and worth taking the time to read. It’s a pretty eclectic mix, but this simply reflects the broad range of interests Beginning Farmers readers have. So please check them out, and enjoy.

The Economist dismisses organic ag, while also making the case for it (by Tom Philpott – Grist)

San Francisco Near Adoption of Urban Agriculture Planning Code (by Nevin Cohen – Civil Eats)

Great Chicken House Plans Guide – 5 in Depth Tips Explain the Essentials Needed in Chicken Housing (From Farm IQ)

Slash and Burn in Congress – Why You Should Care About Recent Budget Cuts (From Farm Aid)


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