Organic Certification Cost-Share Deadline Extended in Michigan

If You have not YET registered to receive cost share dollars for the expense of organic certification then you have another chance!!

The cost share deadline for expenses of organic certification (inspection costs, user fees, certification fees) of NOP are reimbursable up to $750 (75% of your actual paid expenses).  If you are interested in applying for cost share please visit for the information and application.  The deadline is now extended to September 30, 2010, to coincide with the federal deadline. This is for organic certification expenses that occurred between Oct 1, 2009 through Sept 30, 2010. 2009-2010 period.

The 4 documents that you need to submit include

–  Application form completed (see MOFFA website)

–  a w-9 form (indicates tax ID number or SS number of farm owner) (available on MOFFA website)

–  copy of valid organic certification certificate provided to you by your certification agent

–  receipt of payment for cost of organic certification (including user fees and inspection feeds)

This information must be received at address on application by Sept 30, 2010.


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