Organic Farm internships in Taos County New Mexico

Gardens, goats and honeybees (and internships). We are a certified organic and growing market farm up high in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Taos County, New Mexico. We grow garlic, potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, beans, peas, flowers, winter squash, tons of root crops and greens, medicinal and culinary herbs, which we sell at markets & restaurants in Northern New Mexico. We also have honeybee hives and goats, but these are not the focus of our operation. We are a working market farm, which is our sole family income. Living conditions are somewhat primitive but improving. Please consider reading the Humanure Handbook before coming here! We do have some alternative building construction projects going on, such as cob building, natural plasters, mud floors, hauling flat rocks out of mountain creeks to make floors, landscaping. This year we are building a small strawbale "mother-in-law" quarters with a real true bathroom -- whoopee! It might be done by this summer (2014), but we said that last year, too. We have room for two paid interns this year, or four maybe if we find folks we like. Most of the work for the interns is in our fields: planting, transplanting, weeding, harvesting and during peak season, going to market and selling (July-October). In June , you may end up spending all of your time getting familiar with the abundant miracles of The Common Garden Hoe.

We have several stipend internship positions for people who can sleep together in our yurt — the stipend position is reserved for season-long interns who can commit to a spring-through-autumn time frame (preferably). Pay is $75 a week, plus we provide all your meals. Interns may receive extra $ for working market & making deliveries on top of the stipend. Short-term interns are welcome but generally unpaid (wwoofer-style) and may have to camp. We do feed all workers , and when we’re feeling rich, we even buy beer. No vegans, but lacto-ovo vegetarians can generally be accomodated. In addition to working on our farm, we try to get interns out to other farms from time to time to see how other farmers work. For folks who stay the whole season, we encourage you learning how to milk goats & make cheeese/yogurt, and we do a little work with the bees from time to time. We do a lot of fermenting (kimchee, kraut, etc) and are working on a lot of medicinal herbs (both growing and, soon, making medicinal herb products). So there is a lot to learn, although the actual day-to-day work is , you know, weeding onions. 6 hours a day , 5 days , but we’re flexible. You can check out our website , which hasn’t been udpated since 2006, but is still kinda funny, at

Contact or call the cell phone 575 770-9868

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