Free Research Articles on Goat Farming in India

The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences is a research journal which is ‘open access’, meaning that it’s content is provided for free. To read the articles, FREE REGISTRATION is required. And you must REGISTER in order to access the linked articles below which are compiled from the Journal:

Housing and feeding managemental practices for goats followed in South Gujarat

Impact of breed improvement programme on goat production under farmers’ flocks

Comparison of sexual behaviour of buck and ram under mixed flock system

Morpho-metric characteristics of Surti goats and socio-economic status of Surti goat keepers

Nutritional evaluation of Pleurotus florida harvested spent wheat–rice straw based diets in goats

Comparative studies on kidding and lambing behavioural activities under mixed flock system

Evaluation of growth, feed conservation efficiency and carcass traits of Jamunapari goats under intensive feeding system

Micro-minerals status in goats of different age in semi-arid region of India

Several other articles on goat farming in India are also available free without website registration:

Increasing the productivity of indigenous goat production systems through participatory research in ethno-veterinary medicine: a case study from India

Constraints Facing Goat-Keepers in Semi-Arid India

Reproductive performance of goats in Eastern and North-eastern India

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  1. Good info and great site on farming!
    For beginners who have questions on goat farming (in India), this is a useful topic:

  2. MOI farms from Ethiopia, looking for a partner who can advice if possible train me on the best and easy way to grow goat farming in my country. Am just about to begin and does not have the expert knowledge in goat farming.

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