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Press ReleaseSeeding the Revolution: Family Farmers Seed Cooperative Launches Organic, Open-pollinated & Public Domain Seed Sales

Contact: Melissa Schweisguth,, 541-727-0460

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Oregon – The Family Farmers Seed Cooperative (FFSC), a farmer-owned Collecting Corn Seed Picturecooperative offering organic, open pollinated, public domain seed, announces the launch of its 2012 sales season. Commercial growers and others who want bulk sizes can order seeds online at Its 2012 lineup comprises a well-rounded selection of productive, high quality, workhorse varieties chosen for their appeal for growers and eaters.

Founded in 2008, FFSC unites over a dozen family farmer seed producers across the U.S. The cooperative was founded to address increasing consolidation in the seed marketplace, which has resulted in significant decrease in the availability of quality open-pollinated, organic, public domain seeds farmers can grow out and save for their future use. FFSC is focused on growing open pollinated seed and garlic through organic methods, and putting all of its products in the public domain, to address these problems.

It’s focused on direct, “farmer to farmer” sales, to growers, seed companies and other bulk purchasers. Its member farms grow diverse crops and are located across several bioregions to yield a wide variety of seeds adapted to diverse climates. The co-op’s methods are grounded in continuous improvement and quality, factors that are especially important for organic, open pollinated varieties. It’s working to develop improved varieties through selection and
traditional breeding, and is partnering with the Organic Seed Alliance and field researchers on seed development, field trials and quality assurance.

FFSC is part of a growing movement working to advance organic seed integrity and seed sovereignty. FFSC President, Joshua Cravens, says, “As organic farmers and supporters of the organic movement, we must unite to protect, develop and expand our vital seed supplies, maintain biodiversity and defend our right to save seed. We invite others to join us by choosing organic, open pollinated, public domain seed, saving seed and actively advocating for organic seed. After all,
organic seed is the foundation of organic farming and without it we have no sustainable alternative to the industrial agricultural system.”
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About FFSC: The Family Farmers Seed Cooperative (FFSC) is a farmer-owned cooperative that produces high-quality, open-pollinated, public domain, non-GMO, Certified Organic seeds for farmers and other wholesale markets. Founded in 2008 by eight family farmers, the Family Farmers Seed Cooperative (FFSC) now has over a dozen growers. The co-op formed to protect and expand organic, open pollinated seed supplies and maintain seed sovereignty in the face of seed industry consolidation. FFSC members are skilled, seasoned organic family farmers who specialize in diverse crops and are located in several distinct bioregions in the US.

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