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Beginning Farmer Online Course: If you think you’ve caught the farming bug, and you’re seriously considering starting a farm, you might want to take the online course BF 101: Starting at Square One before you go any further. Designed to expose you to the reality of running a farm business, this course is one part empowerment and one part reality check.

Both instructors have farms, and farmers will present in nearly every webinar, so you will hear a lot of real-world, practical advice. The subtitle of this course is “Creating a Farm to Match Your Values, Goals, Skills, and Resources,” so the focus is on the early planning steps you can take to set your farm up for success. Readings, homework, and discussion forums with your peers will provide an opportunity to deepen your learning, meet other new farmers from around the country, and get feedback on your plans.

The course costs $200 and is offered from Thurs. Oct 15 – Nov 19, 2015, with live Thurs. evening webinars from 6:30-8:00p Eastern time.

Participants who complete all requirements of one or more Northeast Beginning Farmer Project online courses are eligible to be endorsed for a 0% interest loan of up to $10,000 through Kiva Zip.

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Please note:

if your computer operating system is:

* Windows Server 2003

* Windows XP

* Mac OS X 10.6

You will NOT be able to join the weekly live webinar sessions. Please do not register for any online courses unless you plan to upgrade your operating system before the course starts.

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