Successful Sales at Farmers Markets Webinar Series

successful sales at farmers markets

The Farmers Market Federation of NY and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County will be hosting a Brown Bag Lunch Webinar Series for farmers market farmers and vendors: Successful Sales at Farmers Markets. The webinars will define Farmers Market Benchmarks, helping farmers to assess their own business success compared to the standards. The webinars will take place each Thursday, February 11 – March 3, 2016 from noon to 1pm. Registration for these webinars is required, but they are free of charge.

With funding from the NY Farm Viability Institute, the Federation and Cornell Cooperative Extension surveyed farmers across the state. The responses were then used to define benchmarks on such issues as income potential, marketing standards, employee and pricing benchmarks. Comparing your own farm against these benchmarks will empower you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and help you to make critical decisions to become more profitable.

Each of the first four webinars will look at each of categories of benchmarks: income, marketing, staffing and pricing. We’ll discuss the standards and then delve into some suggestions and comments that you help you to launch your farm to more profits than ever before!

The fifth and final webinar will feature a new Online Farmers Market Decision Tool. This tool was created to help you find farmers markets to participate in by searching for market characteristics that will match your farm and personal goals. You can find a market that is producer only, or participates in the SNAP program, operates in a city center or a rural parking lot. Or you can look at management styles, fee structures, or a number of other features that you define. You will be given a list of markets that fit your parameters, along with contact information so that you can begin the process of joining those markets. This webinar will show you the Online tool and walk you through the process. The Online Farmers Market Decision Tool will be hosted on the Federation website and will be free for anyone to use.

For the full Successful Sales at Farmers Markets webinar schedule and free registration, visit

For more information about the Successful Sales at Farmers Markets Webinar Series contact the Federation office at 315-400-1447.

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