Sustainable Farm Internship Opportunity in New York

Sustainable Farm PictureBetter Farm is a sustainability education center and artists' colony set on 65 acres in Redwood, New York, just 10 miles from the St. Lawrence River and Canadian border. Better Farm’s internship program runs in one- to three-month intervals and is available to individuals interested in a myriad of sustainability issues. Each internship is carefully tailored to suit a specific person’s needs and goals. They offer internships geared toward organic small-scale farming and gardening, general farm management, alternative building, rain and graywater collection, aquaponics, community outreach, organic cooking, canning/preserving, participation in local supper clubs and/or food kitchens, and outdoor survival. Click 'read more' for details and contact information.

Their winter internship program focuses on the following: 1) Interior green renovations (selecting eco-friendly paints, green insulation projects, energy-saving initiatives and research); 2) Indoor aquaponics (interns will perform water tests, research various fish and plant types most suitable for aquaponics systems, harvest and plant in Better Farm’s existing system, and improve and expand on that system); 3) Community outreach (supper clubs, involvement in local events, volunteer work, movie nights, etc.); 4) Chicken care (feeding birds, flock health, rotating coops, researching plants to grow that chickens can harvest on their own); 5) Research (green building, water catchment systems, permaculture, off-grid
energy sources, etc.); 6) Homesteading (baking, preserving); 7) Garden maintenance (turning compost, adding hay to mulch garden, planting and tending in cold frames and greenhouse); 8) Outdoor survival (foraging, basic survival skills, winter hiking and camping, hunting/trapping/fishing if desired)

The environment is simple and communal. Interns are expected to do their share in maintaining the condition of Better Farm as well as its peaceful environment. Additionally, all those accepted for internships at Better Farm are expected to work seriously—and to conduct themselves in a manner that aids fellow residents in their endeavors. Many sustainability
specialists visit Better Farm throughout the year to offer mentoring and guidance to students interested in coming here to work and gain valuable experience. Additionally, interns have the option of taking any workshops scheduled during their time at Better Farm. Interns have the option of visiting us during normal business hours Monday through Friday, or living on-site in shared rooms for a nominal fee of $450/month. That fee covers lodging, wireless Internet, use of the laundry machine, all linens and towels, on-site parking, and 24/7 access to the communal kitchen (fully stocked with food). All internship applications must be submitted to Applicants will be notified of their status within one month of submission.

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