Upcoming Beginning Farmers Workshops and Events

Upcoming Beginning Farmers Workshops and Events Below are but a few upcoming workshops, specifically oriented toward beginning farmers. Stay informed about educational and networking opportunities in agriculture in your community or region by visiting your local cooperative extension’s website, or the website of other agriculture organizations in your area. Young Farmer Night at Brix Bounty June 20, 2013 - Dartmouth, Massachusetts “Young Farmer Nights are a chance to socialize with fellow farmers (and other interested folks), talk shop and learn all about our host farm. At this event, learn about foliar sprays for tomatoes and other wonderful things Derek Christianson has to share, followed by a potluck + hang out.” Scaling Up the Beginning Farm with Innovation and Appropriate Technology July 9, 2013 - Westport, New York “NOFA New York sponsors a tour of Juniper Hill Farm that will show how farmer Adam has been able to rapidly expand the amount of acreage in production through a combination of on-farm improvements, incentive programs, and dynamic CSA marketing ideas. Hear farmer Adam's perspective on why he chose these methods to improve the farm's output, and get your ideas going about your own farm's potential. Come prepared to share your plans and ideas about on-farm efficiency, from tools to incentive/grant programs.”

Permaculture Practices on the Small Farm

July 15, 2013 – Lakeville, Indiana

Join several sustainable small-scale farmers for a six-part series of SARE-supported workshops focusing on beginner farmer topics and practices. Each workshop includes presentations and hands-on experience. This fourth workshop in the series takes place at Prairie Winds Farm. View permaculture practices including windbreak, wastewater wetland, prairie & wetland restoration, wind powered livestock watering and rotationally grazed pastures. Discuss heritage breed livestock and the benefits of genetic diversity on the farm. Talk to an NRCS representative about conservation programs in your area.

Armed to Farm

June 17-22, 2013 – Fayetteville, Arkansas

While the deadline for application has passed (May 10) it’s worth taking note of this opportunity.

“The National Center for Appropriate Technology is presenting Armed to Farm to provide veterans and their spouses an opportunity to see sustainable, profitable small-scale farming enterprises. Veterans will examine farming as a viable career and will learn about the capital, labor, and risks involved in farming, as well as the return on investment that is realistically possible. The course will be a dynamic blend of farm tours and hands-on experience with classroom instruction. Participants will learn about business planning, budgeting, recordkeeping, marketing, livestock production, fruit and vegetable production, and more. The event will be free for participants, and lodging and meals will be provided. The number of participants will be limited. Applications are due May 10.”

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  1. Haai, Im a beggining farmer based in south africa, is there any web page that is similar to yours because Im interested in the workshops and the rest of the info.


  2. do you have a buliten board where local farmers can share ideas? My land is very steep in places and I have ideas as to how i can use it but; I would love to have someone to run it buy before I start all the work.

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