Urbavore Urban Farm Internship – Kansas City


Urbavore Urban Farm in Kansas City is hiring an Intern for the 2018 season!

URBAVORE is a biologically diverse farmstead set on 13.5 acres in Kansas City’s urban core. Our energy-independent systems for food production, waste, water and shelter redefine sustainability to build community and ecology. Farmers Brooke Salvaggio and Daniel Heryer have delighted and satiated the palates of Kansas City’s food community for over a decade. The farm is committed to producing the highest-quality and best-tasting food crops while enhancing the land and building rich soil. URBAVORE produces a wide array of vegetables and fruits using a unique “no-till” growing system that promotes living soil and nutrient-dense foods. Environmental ethics play a key role in URBAVORE’s infrastructure and production model. The solar-powered farm operates a city-wide composting program, turning urban waste into rich soil. The farm family resides in an earth-bermed home with a composting toilet, off-grid water system, and grey/black water recycling. The farm produces four times the energy it consumes while feeding hundreds of people every week.

NEW FOR 2018: URBAVORE will be scaling back vegetable production to introduce 20 hogs to our no-till growing system. Fallow veggie fields will be cover-cropped. The pigs will move through the fields turning in cover crop, fertilizing, up-rooting perennial weeds, and providing valuable services for future vegetable crops. Tasty pastured pork will be available in fall of 2018!

Wanna get a quick glimpse of our farm and hear our story? Check us out at the following video links: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm7YemwEeTc and www.kansascity.com/entertainment/ink/article152190377.html

Internship Starts: March 15, 2018

Internship Ends: November 15, 2018

Number of Interns: 1

App Deadline: None

Minimum Length of Stay: Full season commitment

Meals: Meals are not provided. Interns prepare their own meals. Interns receive a weekly share of the farm’s bounty, and have access to endless “seconds” produce during the high season.

Skills Desired: Farm skills and building skills are desired, but not required. What we do require is an unrelenting work ethic and a sense of humor! We are only interested in applicants who are passionate, physically energetic, reliable, and continually fascinated by each element that composes our farm’s thriving ecosystem. This internship is best suited for individuals who would like to farm commercially one day using aspects of our unique no-till system. *If you do not want to work hard, learn lots, and maintain a positive attitude PLEASE DO NOT APPLY.

Educational Opportunities: Farm Apprentice will receive experience and education in intensive, organic market gardening, “no-till” cultivation practices, holistic orchard maintenance, berry production, integrated livestock management/rotational grazing, & direct marketing. In particular, apprentices will be exposed to the daily chores pertaining to pastured poultry, and a rotating herd of 20 heritage hogs. Our farm puts a particular emphasis on soil building & the development of sustainable ecosystems. Apprentices will be exposed to the layering of cover crops, animals, and organic matter to produce ideal conditions for crop production. Food preservation & homesteading skills can be obtained for those who are interested.

Stipend: No monetary stipend. PART-TIME work in exchange for housing, education and weekly veggies/eggs. The urban locale and part-time schedule allow the apprentice to seek off-farm paid work if desired.

Housing: On-farm housing in a 16 foot camper trailer with composting toilet, hot water shower, kitchen, heat & AC. Surrounding area can be “created” to the individual’s desire with fire pit, gardens, hang-out & picnic areas, etc.

Preferred method Of Contact: e-mail

Internship Details: Seeking a full-season commitment from one awesome individual looking to gain valuable knowledge in “no-till” animal-powered vegetable & fruit production on a biologically diverse urban farm. This is a PART-TIME position consisting of 25 to 30 hours a week in exchange for housing, education, and a weekly share of farm products. The part-time schedule allows the apprentice to obtain off-farm paid work if desired. The farm is located just 5 miles from the city’s center and accessible by public transport. Many employment opportunities are available in the KC metro area. This situation is ideal for someone who would like a balance between “hard-core” farm work & normal life. HOW YO APPLY: Please send a resume and cover letter to brooke@urbavorefarm.com. Please be personable in your cover letter and tell me WHY you want to bust your butt at URBAVORE!



5500 Bennington Ave.

Kansas City, MO 64129

Contact: Brooke Salvaggio

Phone: 913-522-3458

Email: brooke@urbavorefarm.com

Website: http://www.urbavorefarm.com, https://www.facebook.com/Urbavore


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