USDA ERS Data on Private and Public Funding of Agricultural Research now Available

ERS has posted downloadable spreadsheet [without commentary] containing data for public and private funding of agricultural research and development cover the years 1970-2008 (public) and 1970-98 (private). Data are available as nominal figures and adjusted for inflation. Click Here

to access.

Public funding is based on data from two sources:

Private funding estimates are constructed by ERS, based on the methodology presented in “Private-Sector Agricultural Research Expenditures in the United States, 1960-92” (Staff Paper AGES9525).

The research deflator (used to convert current dollars to real) is constructed by ERS, based on the methodology described in Pardey et al. (“U.S. Agricultural Research Deflators: 1890-1985

.” Research Policy 18, October 1989).

Thanks to OFRF for this update.

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