Goat Farming

Everything you need to know about raising goats for milk or meat including breeds, feeding, housing, and health in the U.S. and in India. Milk Doc

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Featured: Fiasco Farm’s fantastic website about Goat Care, Health, and Husbandry,Cheese Making, and More… Check It Out!

International Kiko Goat has compiled a wide range of publications and information on breeds, management systems, health, and much more.

The University of Maryland has a free, comprehensive 412 page publication called the National Goat Handbook which covers a wide range of topics in detail.

The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA) publishes a 20 page Illustrated Guide to Sheep and Goat Production; a 24 page guide called Goats: Sustainable Production Overview; a 32 page guide called Dairy Goats: Sustainable Production; a 24 page guide called Meat Goats: Sustainable Production; an 8 page guide called Managing Internal Parasites in Sheep and Goats ; an 8 page guide called Managing Internal Parasites in Small Ruminants: Sericea Lespedeza;  an 8 page guide called Managing Internal Parasites in Small Ruminants: Copper Wire Particles; and a 24 page Small Ruminant Sustainability Checklist and Comprehensive Resource Guide listing dozens of publications and links. All of these publications are free.

A free .pdf publication from UC Davis called Small Meat-Goat Farms in California, with general information on goat farming and the current state of the industry (as of 2006) is also available.

The American Dairy Goat Association Website contains articles, information on conferences, organizations, management, registration, recipes, and a whole lot more.

The American Meat Goat Association Website is loaded with information about shows, articles, conferences, health, and more.

The Maryland Small Ruminant Page offers a newsletter, classes, dozens of links, quick reference tables, forums, factsheets, power point presentations, research articles, and other resources.

The Goat Kingdom (‘home of duh goat man’),  has loads of links to information about goats including associations and clubs, goat health, goat milk and cheese, feed and supplies, goat milk soap, magazines, books, and other publications; as well  has a comprehensive listing of goat farms by breed (http://duhgoatman.tripod.com/goatfarms.htm).

Survival and Self Reliance’s Goat Farming Page has fantastic links to information on goat health, dairy goat production, breeding and kidding, forage, nutrition, and research reports.

The Goat Source is another page with loads of information about all facets of goat farming, including information for beginners.

The Boer and Meat Goat Information Center has lots of resources on goat farming including hundreds of articles, extensive links and tools, a breeders directory, goats for sale, catalogs, lists of auctions, and more.

SheepGoatMarketing.info is a national resource for sheep and goat marketing which provides education, news, a marketing directory, producer directory, calendars, and links.

The Southern Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control has research information, publications, links, and lots of other information. Langston University offers a Web-Based Training and Certification Program for meat goat producers.

Information on goat farming classes in Virginia is available at: http://www.analagoatcompany.com/farming.htm.goats on a farm

Eat Wild is a popular site with comprehensive information on grass-fed animals, health, pasture management, and a whole lot more.

ATTRA has a number of useful publications and links related to Grass Farming, as well as Livestock Fencing and Watering Systems.

www.AllThingsGoat.com, is an online magazine with news, photos, recipes and feature stories about meat, fiber and dairy goats.

Meat Goat Blog was a site recommended to us as one with excellent information and resources.

The Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association has lots of information and resources for farmers.

Texas A&M’s Alternative Agriculture Enterprises Page had links to information and publication about many aspects of goat farming.

Ruminations: Celebrating the Small Farm Goat is a quarterly magazine has been around since the late 1980’s and focuses on Nigerian dwarf goats.

The Goat Justice League is a website dedicated to raising goats in the city.

I get my goat from Full Circle Ranch in Potterville, MI. 517 (242-5928) or NSS132000@yahoo.com.  They are members of the Michigan Boer Goat Association, which has an excellent website featuring activities, education, youth program, marketing resources, and a producer directory.

For Goat Farming Enterprise Budgeting Tools, Check Out the Following Links: http://www.cias.wisc.edu/economics/dairy-goat-enterprise-budget/; http://www.luresext.edu/goats/training/budgets.html; http://attra.ncat.org/attra-pub/meatgoat.html – sample; http://snipurl.com/10f3qd; http://agecon.okstate.edu/budgets/index.asp?type=publications (scroll down to the goat budget tab); http://pubs.ext.vt.edu/446/446-048/446-048.html#GoatBudgets; You can find basic information on Enterprise Budgeting here: http://snipurl.com/10f3rb

Everything Goat Milk http://www.everything-goat-milk.com explains all the benefits of goat milk, as well as how to use it to make cheese and other dairy products, as well as skin care products.

Goat World is a comprehensive resource site with dozens of useful articles and much, much more.

The Meat Goat Management Wheel – jointly developed through a partnership of University of Missouri Extension, the National Center for Approriate Technology, Missouri State University and Lincoln University – helps goat farmers refine their schedule to enhance goat production.

Information about Indian Goat Farming

Indian Goat Farm is a livestock breeding farm and has lists of goat suppliers: http://www.indiangoatfarm.com/

Nadur Goat Farm has general information about goat farming and stall feeding: http://www.nadurgoatfarm.com/

Self Pvt. Ltd. Has information about goat farming, history, and supplies: http://www.shivajipark.com/self/goatfarming.html

aAqua has a discussion thread about goat farming in India: http://aaqua.persistent.co.in/aaqua/forum/viewthread?thread=4155

All Experts links to articles about goat farming in India: http://en.allexperts.com/q/Agriculture-2377/Goat-ostrich-farming-india.htm

Commercial Goat Farming: An Emerging Agri-Business Opportunity in India is an article written in 2007 by Shalander Kumar: http://ideas.repec.org/a/ags/aerrae/47443.html

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research has lots of information about commercial goat farming: http://www.icar.org.in/?q=node/416

Goats, Goats, Goats, has information about goat farming in India: http://www.boer-goats-farmstay-bed-breakfast.com/goat-farming-in-india.html

Links to lots of goat products and individual farms in India can be found at: http://www.hotfrog.in/Products/goat-farming

AISWARYAGRAM Agricultural Training and Research Center Promotes Goat Rearing: http://www.aiswaryagram.org/activities.html#Goat

Ajaputra Goat Farm situated 3 kms from Amalner town in northern part of Maharashtra in Dist. Jalgaon has a great website with information about raising goats, goat breeds, sales, and more. http://www.ajaputragoatfarm.com/

Buy/Sell Goats – Barbary Goats Farming Project Maharashrta: http://www.agriseek.com/market/p/Barbary-Goats-Farming.htm An article on Goat Farming in Bihar is available at: http://www.lrrd.org/lrrd19/9/dey19123.htm

A comprehensive FAO Publication on Sheep and Goat Breeds for Each Region of India is available at: http://www.fao.org/docrep/004/x6532e/X6532E00.htm#TOC

The Indian Society for Sheep and Goat Production and Utilization Newsletter is a great resource available at: http://www.issgpu.org/newsletter.htm

FarmNest.com is your little nest on the web for all the chirping about Indian agriculture. It often has content about goat farming and features a Goat/Sheep Farming knowledgebase and resources forum at: http://farmnest.com/forum/animal-farming/queries-on-goat-farming/

Our new post listing Free Research Publications About Goat Farming in India is at: http://beginningfarmers.org/research-articles-on-goat-production-in-india/

GoatsData from USDA-ARS “What’s in the Food You Eat” search tool 3.0

Comparison Goat/Beef(Ground) Cooked
Servings 1
Servings Weight 100g


Content (units) BEEF GOAT
Water (g) 56.75 67.93
Energy (kcal) 257 142
Protein (g) 25.56 26.99
Fat, total (g) 16.42 3.02
Cholesterol (mg) 88 75
Saturated fatty acids, total (g) 6.317 0.926
Monounsaturated fatty acids, total (g) 7.305 1.354
Polyunsaturated fatty acids, total (g) 0.491 0.229
Copper (mg) 0.081 0.302
Iron (mg) 2.49 3.72
Magnesium (mg) 20 0
Phosphorus (mg) 193 200
Potassium (mg) 304 403
Selenium (mcg) 21.3 11.8
Sodium (mg) 401 248
Zinc (mg) 6.21 5.25
Vitamin B-6 (mg) 0.366 0
Choline, total (mg) 80.4 106
Vitamin B-12 (mcg) 2.69 1.18
Vitamin E, alpha tocopherol (mg) 0.45 0.34
Vitamin K (mcg) 1.6 1.2
Niacin (mg) 5.107 3.933
Riboflavin (mg) 0.176 0.607
Thiamin (mg) 0.047 0.09