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Beginning Farmers

Join CaliKim in her beautiful Southern California urban organic garden as she shares her garden how to's and tips, healthy garden-to-table recipes and home DIY's. New episodes added regularly.

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  • Winter Farm Webinars
    Practical Farmers of Iowa presents winter farm webinars on a host of topics from diversification to variety selection, pest and disease management, investment, and much more… Farminars (winter farm webinars) are held weekly each Tuesday during the fall and winter months, and run from 7–8:30 p.m. CST. Most farminars are led by farmers, and many are presented in a “fish-bowl” format where attendees listen as an experienced farmer answers a beginning farmer’s questions. Farminars air [...]
  • farm production crew
    Seasonal Farm Production Crew Jobs – 3 positions available in Washington State for 2017 OXBOW’S MISSION Our mission is to inspire people to eat healthy, sustainably grown food and to steward our natural resources for future generations. WHAT WE DO The Center is located on 230 acres of forest and grassland bordered by Western Washington’s Snoqualmie River. We use this mixed landscape to: Produce food. We cultivate 30 acres of mixed vegetable crops using agro-ecological principles and [...]
  • Walloon Market Gaden
    Farming Jobs in Northern Michigan at Spirit of Walloon Market Garden in Boyne City – 2017 Spirit of Walloon Market Garden is located in beautiful Boyne City, Michigan, nestled alongside Walloon Lake. The farm began on a compact 1/4 acre in the summer of 2014. Since then, we have grown to 1.3 acres in production. Spirit of Walloon is primarily a sustainably-produced vegetable farm, but we also grow strawberries, raspberries, mushrooms, perennial herbs, and cut flowers. We focus on an [...]
  • Project GROWS
    Nonprofit Farm Manager Job for Project GROWS in Staunton, Virginia ABOUT PROJECT GROWS: Project GROWS (PG) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational farm with a mission to improve the overall health of children and youth in Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County, Virginia. We connect children to nutritious food through 1) hands-on, garden-based education and 2) access to healthy local food. Project GROWS cultivates 4 acres of mixed vegetables and
perennial fruit on our 10-acre farm in the [...]
  • National Ag Day
    2017 National Ag Day – Agriculture Council of America The Agriculture Council of America (ACA) will host National Agriculture Day on March 21, 2017. This will mark the 44th anniversary of National Ag Day which is celebrated in classrooms and communities across the country. The theme for National Ag Day 2017 is “Agriculture: Food For Life.” On March 21, 2017, ACA will host major events in the nation’s capital including a breakfast event at the National Press Club as well as a Taste [...]
  • Hope Farms veteran farmer training program
    Houston, TX : Hope Farms Veteran Farmer Training Program Hope Farms Veteran Farmer Training Program: Recipe for Success Foundation, a nonprofit focused on combating childhood obesity, offers a workforce development scholarship for U.S Veterans interested in pursuing a career in urban agriculture. The scholarship provides a twelve-month Hope Farms Training Program, which includes full-time wages, hands-on classes in horticulture, the business of growing and distribution of produce, as well [...]