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Beginning Farmers

Join CaliKim in her beautiful Southern California urban organic garden as she shares her garden how to's and tips, healthy garden-to-table recipes and home DIY's. New episodes added regularly.

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  • Beginning Farmer Institute
    National Farmers Union Beginning Farmer Institute 2017-18 National Farmers Union’s Beginning Farmer Institute is free to any beginning farmer and rancher that have been on the land less than five years. BFI develops leadership and farm management skills in beginning farmers and additionally encourages them to apply those abilities in their community organizations. Farmers Union employs educational sessions, business tools and professional speakers in a structured setting that includes [...]
  • Budget Request Guts Food and Agriculture Programs
    The latest news from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, including: Trump's Budget Request Guts Food and Agriculture Programs; Role of Agricultural Research, Conservation, Specialty Crops, Barriers and Opportunities in Organic Farming, and more... BUDGET AND APPROPRIATIONS NEWS Administration's Inaugural Budget Request Guts Food and Agriculture Programs - President Trump’s budget proposal calls for draconian cuts to food and agricultural programs on a historically unprecedented [...]
  • Young Farmer Events
    Check out the following Young Farmer Events happening across the country in the Spring of 2017 Young Farmer Events: Gordon, GA—March 25—Middle Georgia Young Farmers Coalition Babe & Sage Farm Open House and Potluck 3-8pm at Babe & Sage Farm (1021 Nitrogen Road. Gordon, GA 31031) Accident insurance saleswoman will be in attendance. Bring a dish to share. For farmers and customers. Ramona, CA—March 25—Monthly San Diego New Farmers Guild Gathering 5-7.30pm at Mount Woodsen Acres [...]
  • Buckwheat Benefits Nature
    Buckwheat Benefits Nature, By Blair Bryant Buckwheat is good for more than just pancakes. It is an old-time crop that was once very popular, but its benefits are more valuable today than ever. Buckwheat isn’t actually a type of wheat. It’s a plant related to the rhubarb, and it’s easy to grow and helpful in many ways. Buckwheat seeds are available at hardware stores and garden centers, and the inexpensive seeds are sold by the pound. The crop can be planted from spring after the danger of [...]
  • Pie Ranch
    Production and Operations Assistant Job at Pie Ranch @ Año Nuevo in Pescadero, California, 2017 About the Production and Operations Assistant job at Pie Ranch: The Production and Operations Assistant job at Pie Ranch will be a support for our Año Nuevo Management team. We are looking for a person with a minimum of three years of farming and operations support on a mid-size farm scale. The objective of this position is to provide an advanced learning opportunity to someone interested in [...]
  • Be Love Farm
    Be Love Farm Apprentice Wanted in Northern California, 2017 This is an opportunity to learn practical regenerative agriculture on a very diverse 21 acre farm in Northern California. Our motto is," Annuals under the protection of trees with the redemption of grasses", as we follow the Oak Savannah model in our production. We  produce wine, olive oil, eggs, lamb, veggies, fruit, nuts and have a micro- dairy. We practice Biodynamic composting, alley cropping, silvopasture, planned grazing, [...]