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    Carrying Seedling FlatsFARRMS is now accepting applications for an opportunity to learn hands-on farming and ranching skills with the 2015 FARRMS Intern Program. Farm owners and operators are also encouraged to apply to become a host farm. FARRMS is a nonprofit based in Medina, North Dakota that focuses on sustainable and organic farming, local food and farm to school.

    The program will provide beginning farmers and ranchers’ real world training in sustainable agriculture through an innovative cooperative education program. FARRMS combines hands-on training, classroom learning and farm-based education on a diverse network of family farms in North Dakota. Experienced farmers have the opportunity to share their skills and knowledge with the next generation of farmers.

    Interns may choose the type of farm or farming you would like to learn. Participants that qualify for the program will live and work full time on a host farm for a growing season receiving ongoing instruction and learning in-depth skills unique to the host farmer’s operation.  Slots are limited so apply as soon as possible. Read more »

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    Job Opening: Seasonal Farm Assistant in Maryland - Close Date: February 13, 2015Greenhouse at Night

     About the Accokeek Foundation: The Accokeek Foundation is a non-profit, educational organization whose mission is to connect people to history, agriculture, and nature through innovative educational programs and engaging visitor experiences. Founded over fifty years ago to “preserve the view” from George Washington’s Mount Vernon, the Foundation was one of the first land trusts, blazing new trails in preservation through a public/private partnership that led to the creation of Piscataway Park, a nearly 5000-acre national park. Through a cooperative agreement with the National Park Service, the Foundation cares for two hundred acres of the park, while fulfilling its mission. This working landscape includes the National Colonial Farm (demonstrates life of a tobacco planter on the eve of the American Revolution) the Ecosystem Farm (demonstrates sustainable agriculture on an 8-acre organic vegetable farm), heritage breed livestock, nature trails, gardens, a fishing pier, and boat dock (with kayak launch). In addition, this is the sacred homeland of the Piscataway people, and its significance as an indigenous cultural landscape makes it a key site on several national trails.

    Position Overview – Seasonal Farm Assistant: The Accokeek Foundation is seeking a Seasonal Farm Assistant which a passion and commitment to stewardship and sustainability to join the Ecosystem Farm crew for the 2015 season.
    Read more »

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    Zinnias on the FarmTwo apprentices needed at Seedfolks Farm in East Calais, Vermont from June 1, 2015 – October 31, 2015

    Farm Background:

    I began working on farms while attending Green Mountain College. My interest continued to grow as I apprenticed and worked on diversified farms small and large. From my first season, I knew farming was for me. The beauty, the realness and the work which yielded very tangible, delicious results drew me in.

    For three seasons, I teamed up with a partner to grow several acres of vegetables for a CSA, the Capital City Farmers’ Market and several local wholesale accounts. We have leased land to farm on but believe the farm will grow to be a profitable, sustainable business and offer an enjoyable lifestyle. Teaching other young farmers and being there for support, because this is a hard job, is important to me.

    Soil fertility is the most important aspect of this work. Four of our seven acres are seeded to cover crops to help build soil. We add compost and rock dust (for remineralization) and foliar feed our seedlings. I love to mulch! Because we have sandy soil and water carries nutrients, an irrigation system was set up from an uphill pond.

    In the future, I hope to diversify into berries and fruit, medicinal herbs and eventually, acquire a farm.

    A black cat and a farm dog live alongside the flock of ducks.

    I enjoy being outside and growing food for our community. Market is a great social event. Off the farm I enjoy hiking, climbing, swimming and live music… but am happy improving the farm.

    Farm Setting:

    We farm a flat piece of sandy ground surrounded by many acres of woods. It’s a long skinny field and among the only tillable acres on the old 250 acre farm. Currently, more cover crops are grown than cash crops. Three acres of mixed veggies are grown each year, while four acres have been in covers. There is a 30 X 72′ hoophouse used for growing mainly tomatoes and a smaller house for seedlings. We have a small pole barn for covered storage as well as a new, insulated shed and wash area. There is a swimming pond on the property and many trails through the woods.

    The town is rural and pretty classic. There are a few general stores, swimming holes, and even a couple bars. Montpelier is just down the road.

    A car would be helpful by not necessary. Every Saturday, we are in Montpelier for market. Read more »

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    Vegetable Harvest Photo

    Internship Starts: March 1, 2015
    Internship Ends: November 2015
    Number of Interns: 1 (we will consider a couple)
    App Deadline: End of February
    Minimum Length of Stay: 6 months

    Shenandoah Seasonal is a diverse, four season farm utilizing sustainable and organic farming practices in Boyce, Virginia. We are going into our fourth growing season and this will be our first season with an intern. We grow 3 acres of produce, have a laying flock of 600, are in the early stages of keeping bees, and will begin more livestock ventures this year. We are market gardeners – attending two Saturday farmers markets a week, have a local CSA of 25 members, and a small wholesale outlet. Our farm is located in Clarke County, VA – an hour and a half west of Washington DC in the northern Shenandoah Valley and less than 10 miles from Winchester, VA.
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    Farm Pond BarnsBethel Farm Apprenticeship Program- 2015 in Hillsboro, New Hampshire

    Website: www.bethelfarm.org; Contact: bethelfarmyoga@gmail.com

    Bethel Farm is a yoga retreat center and organic farm located in the peaceful woods of Hillsboro, New Hampshire. We like to see ourselves as continuing in the tradition of many who have come before us here on this very land, where the central farmhouse is over 200 years old. We offer an opportunity to practice small-scale organic sustainable farming with minimal use of machinery.

    We are looking for 4-8 excited people to join us for at least two months this summer.

    We have several well- established garden areas, as well as a large 31′X 72′ hoop house and we have begun experimenting more with a long hugelkultur mound and more fruit trees.

    The apprenticeship is best viewed as a work-training program, rather than an exclusively “educational” experience. Apprentices will mostly learn through working on projects and through taking on responsibilities for managing aspects of the farm. The fact that we are a small and relatively young operation means that apprentices remain very close to the decision-making process, and will be assigned independent work assignments as they demonstrate ability to complete them well. Apprentices will find that they will gain the most if they show initiative, attention to detail, a good work ethic and the ability to know when to ask for help. Strong communications skills are also an important part of prospering within a small hardworking group such as we have at the farm. Being small also means that we all end up doing almost everything; so apprentices will be exposed to a diverse array of activities. Apprentices are given semi-independent projects in the area of marketing, mechanical work, and crop pest management. This allows people to take a sense of ownership in one facet of the larger whole. Read more »

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    A large part of farming is raising your own chickens for eggs and/or meat. In a lot of cases, farmers may purchase eggs or day old chicks to raise, but beyond that many take interest in raising their own chickens. A necessity to the egg raising process is a virile rooster, of course, and he needs to be fertile in order for eggs laid to be able to hatch, but how do you know if your rooster is not only ready and willing but also able to hit the mark?

    One of the main reasons it is vital to have a fertile rooster is for the successful hatching of chicks. If you intend to raise future generations of egg layers or meat birds without purchasing those individuals, both your hens and rooster will need to mate successfully. It is unfortunate to have a hen lay eggs and then waste the 21 day incubation period sitting on those that will not hatch. This wastes precious egg laying time not only during those 21 days but also during the time it takes a broody hen to start laying again afterwards, which can vary amongst birds.

    There are many reasons a rooster may not be performing successful matings with the hens in his charge. For one thing, the ratio of hens to rooster needs to be realistic, which is typically about 10-12 hens per rooster. Try though he might to mate with all hens present, there may simply be too many for him to mate with each hen in turn, or he may play favorites, mating mostly with those he prefers. It is also possible that a rooster could be faced with infertility due to age. It may appear that he is doing his part to ensure egg fertilization when in fact he is just going through the motions which results in egg waste. It will then be necessary to retire that rooster should you wish to continue raising chicks.

    Photo: UC Davis

    Photo: UC Davis

    A quick and easy way to check the ability of your rooster to continually fertilize his hens is through candling. This method has been practiced for many years through the use of specialized lights (sold at farm and garden stores) held up to the egg. The goal is to locate the embryo to confirm a life is growing inside. In some cases, instead of being able to the see the actual embryo, the egg will instead appear opaque, which is another sign of a successful mating. As you candle eggs over the course of a few days, it will be possible to observe a growing embryo and shrinking air sack, although soonest visible are blood vessels. If the egg is not fertilized, the yolk will appear to float free and have a more uniform coloration.

    An alternative to candling involves actually cracking the egg open to check for fertilization, which is counter-productive if you wish for those eggs to hatch. However, this could be done intermittently to ensure your rooster’s performance or simply to sate your curiosity before you are ready to begin hatching eggs. As you crack the egg, take care not to bust the yolk as this will make it difficult to see the telltale signs of fertilization. Pour the shell contents into a bowl or pan of contrasting color and look for a white spot. If that spot is solid, it is a blastodisc and is not fertilized. However, if it presents as a bullseye, you have a blastoderm which is fertilized and would hatch under ordinary circumstances.

    Photo: North Macag Science

    Photo: North Macag Science

    After mating, fertilized eggs will be laid as soon as two days and hens can go on to lay fertilized eggs for up to three weeks from that very same mating. In the event that you wish to pair a certain rooster and hen, it will be necessary to keep that hen free of rooster exposure for three weeks in order for her to lay eggs from the future pairing you desire. Then, once that mating is complete, arm yourself with the proper light and candle resulting eggs for confirmation of a successful mating. Though candling can be a tough skill to master, once you have some experience under your belt, it is sure to save disappointment down the road as well as egg waste at the same time.

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    Farm Field in FallFarmhand Job on 9 Bean Rows Farm in Suttons Bay, Michigan for 2015

    General Description: 9 Bean Rows is a diverse food business located in Suttons Bay, Michigan. A farm, bakery and restaurant help accomplish the company’s mission of increasing the availability of locally grown and handcrafted artisan foods year round. The farm produces a wide variety of seasonal vegetable crops for distribution to CSA members, farmers’ markets, farm-to-school, and the restaurant. The farm is in the process of becoming certified organic and has always used sustainable practices, emphasizing no-till management of the soil and season extension techniques.

    Brief Position Description: A small team of Farmhands are guided by the Farm Manager to execute daily tasks and achieve weekly goals related to vegetable production. Farmhands assist in preparing seedbeds, planting and seeding, managing weeds, making minor irrigation and hoophouse repairs, and harvesting. Farmhands are expected to listen carefully to detailed task instructions and understand the significance of the task to the overall farm, such that they may execute tasks with precision and care. Work may at times be physically strenuous and/or performed in undesirable weather; a worker with good physical health and a steady, positive attitude will perform well in this work environment.

    This position is appropriate for individuals interested in food production, regular exercise in the outdoors and the aesthetic of clean fields and beautiful produce. The Farm Manager will work with the Farmhand to achieve any personal learning goals for the season, to satisfy internship requirements and/or for personal growth. Read more »

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    Farm PanoramaField & Harvest Assistant Job – Colchester Neighborhood Farm in Massachusetts – 2015

    We are a very unique farm and social enterprise located on the South Shore, about 45 minutes south of Boston. We run a 100 member CSA, two farm stand locations and have a few whole sale customers.  Our farm focuses not only on growing healthy organic foods, but also working with adults with special needs.

    The farm is looking for a field and harvest assistant who has a good understanding of farming, takes initiative and is able to supervise volunteers in the field. The person needs to be enthusiastic and energetic about sustainable agriculture and open to working with developmentally disabled adults.

    The farm is an 8 acre working certified organic farm, where just over 2 acres will be cultivated for vegetables in 2015. They also have 100 hens on rotational grazing for our Egg CSA, and next year will begin a small flower CSA as well.

    Summary of Position:

    Farming – growing quality produce for our CSA, farm stand, and wholesale. The Field Assistant is a full-time (40hrs) seasonal job from March until November Read more »

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    Farming in BaliTHE KUL KUL FARM at Green School Bali INTERNSHIP PROGRAM 2015

    A social enterprise located a walk and a skip away from the Green School in Bali. The Kul Kul Farm aims to be a go-to regenerative agriculture learning center, and to be an established online hub for people to learn how to create healthy, integrated and awesome living systems; growing real food and caring for animals in the tropics. The goal is that we become an education center for learning about sustainable living, farming and leadership here in Bali.

    Our Core Values: Agriculture as the foundation of civilization; Living in Community; Unity in diversity; Acting in Integrity
Providing meaningful services; Improving the life of all stakeholders

    Services and Offerings

    •     A thriving market garden

    •     Adult courses focused on regenerative agriculture (find out about our summer courses here or by going to www.facebook.com/thekulkulfarm),

    •     Regular workshops

    •     An online and on-farm store to purchase farm related items tools, trees, seedlings, and other resources.

    •     Garden implementation services Read more »

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    Barn and FlowersStarling Yards is a family-operated vegetable farm based on 104 acres just outside the village of Red Hook, New York.  They currently grow 6 acres of vegetables using organic methods for a 75 member CSA, a local farmers market and 10 regional restaurants. The farm produces a wide array of vegetables from CSA staples to specialty crops like crosnes and peanuts. Starling Yards is currently looking to hire two Vegetable Crew Members for the 2015 season.

    2015 Job Description: Crewmembers will participate in every aspect of vegetable production, including greenhouse work, planting, hand and tractor cultivation, irrigation, disease and pest management, harvesting, washing and packing, CSA distribution and occasional stints at the farmers market. We are looking for one of the crew positions to be filled by someone who is exceptionally detailed oriented, with at least a full seasons greenhouse experience, who can help manage the propagation greenhouse.

    Schedule: These are seasonal, full-time positions beginning in April 2015 and ending the last week of November 2015.  Work hours are 40-50 per week, plus rotating weekends. We work 8-11 hours a day so scheduling flexibility is expected. For the right person, this could become a multi-year position. Read more »

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