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Ranch Caretaker Job in Round Mountain California – Organic Farming


Shape the future at Rockwell Ranch! Seeking caretakers with farming/gardening experience either on a temporary (3 – 6 months) or permanent basis. The 100+ acre ranch is located in Round Mountain, California, east of Redding, with Mount Shasta to the north and Mount Lassen to the south. The property includes ponds and a creek, a vineyard, an orchard and a vegetable garden with raised beds.

The ranch owner prefers caretakers who understand organic/sustainable growing methods and are mechanically inclined as well as independent, creative problem solvers. He welcomes new ideas for developing the ranch.

Living quarters (including Internet and utilities) provided. Salary is negotiable.

Main tasks of the Ranch Caretaker Job:

  1. Vineyard/orchard/gardens: Planting, pruning, fertilizing, irrigation, pest/disease control, harvesting and processing (canning, cider, wine, etc.). Mowing (tractor/riding mower/brush cutter). Fence building/repair. Outside help can be hired as necessary.
  2. Roads and drainage: Gravel road maintenance, dirt road and drainage improvement.
  3. Infrastructure: Two ranch-style houses (rebuilt trailers) with fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms and 1 – 2 bedrooms. One house has a washer and dryer. House maintenance (plumbing, roof, heating, etc.) is minimal, but important. The owner stays in one house when he is on site. There are plans to build a caretakers’ house, including a root cellar and processing facility.

Large shop that houses equipment (welding, metalworking and more). Keep the shop clean and organized and maintain the tractor and implements, an electric ATV and a diesel pick-up as well as all equipment used. There’s also a wood shed and a garden shed.

  1. Water sources and irrigation: Maintain the creek and spring systems used for irrigation and household purposes.
  2. Administration: Ranch bookkeeping and documentation. Find and supervise external contractors as necessary. Purchasing, logistics, coordinating/receiving deliveries, good and timely communication with the owner.


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  1. We are interested in this position. Could you let us know if it is expected to open again for 2018, or put us in contact with the owner, please? Thanks!

  2. Hello my name is Joshua Greene and I have worked at two orchards where I drove tractors pruned and did irrigation. I currently work as a turnout cleaner for Performance Horse Facility. I am looking for more work and my schedule is somewhat flexible. Please contact me at 530 921 1072.I am interested in this job offer if and when it becomes available. Thank you and have a great day.

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