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Sanctuary Farm Internship Available in Oregon – 2017

At Sanctuary One, interns can work on a real working farm and experience nature’s healing power firsthand. Located on 55 acres in southern Oregon’s beautiful Applegate Valley, Sanctuary One was established in 2007 as the nation’s first care farm. We offer educational tours that open people’s hearts and minds. We invite groups from schools and youth-serving nonprofit organizations to visit the farm for fresh air, exercise and hands-on service-learning. We help teens who are in legal trouble learn how to make better choices. We mentor interns who dream of becoming the next generation of care farmers. We promote the ethics of mindful, sustainable living. And we provide a safe, loving home to rescued farm animals and pets. It’s all part of a practice called care farming.

Care farms like Sanctuary One demonstrate how farming for health can be an affordable, natural and effective means of healing people. They serve as models for treating animals humanely and honoring their intrinsic physical and spiritual value. And they illustrate how the environment that sustains us all can be steadily improved through organic and permaculture-inspired farming practices.

At Sanctuary One, we envision a future where care farms are as commonplace in the United States as they are in Europe. For example, in the Netherlands there are more than 1,000 established care farms. Great Britain has hundreds, and there are dozens more in other European countries. We hope to enliven and motivate our visitors at Sanctuary One and, ultimately, inspire more Americans to start up care farms in their communities.

Sanctuary Farm Internship Opportunity:

Interns help in all aspects of running a care farm. Interns start and end the day with our rescue domestic and farm animals making sure everyone has been feed, watered, and let in or out. All interns take part in the daily operations of the farm, performing a wide array of chores, from feeding and herding farm animals to moving irrigation pipe and bucking hay. Interns also help guide tours, learn and practice the principles of permaculture, help rehabilitate and socialize farm animals and participate in special projects. Special projects allow interns to become more involved in the area of their interest. Looking to learn more about caring for goats? Or helping to grow our organic produce? We offer a wide set of opportunities for interns to engage in and help drive their own learning along with our experienced staff.

Our internship program is a full-time, unpaid position. We provide comfortable housing in a shared living space, with some food staples provided. Interns are responsible for their own food and transportation. Internships run throughout the year, and typically last three to four months; however, some of our interns have stayed as briefly as one month and as long as nine months. Many of our interns go on to do inspirational things, like working at Best Friends Animal Society (the largest in the United States) or locally at Willow-Witt Ranch.

The ideal candidate will enjoy the opportunity to volunteer on a care farm where people, animals and the earth work together for mutual healing.

How to Apply for the Sanctuary Farm Internship:

Visit our internship page and fill out an application.

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