The Paris Climate Agreement and Farmers

Paris Climate Agreement and Farmers

The Latest News from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) featuring The Paris Climate Agreement and Farmers; Farm Policy News, and NSAC is Hiring… 


Au Revoir, Paris: A Bad Move for America, a Bad Move for Farmers – Last week, Donald Trump announced he will seek to remove America from its commitments to the Paris Climate Agreement, which was originally signed in 2015 by President Obama. Though fully exiting the Agreement, would likely be a years-long process, the implications of such a move will be felt more immediately – not least of all by America’s farmers and ranchers.READ MORE Learn more about the Paris Climate Agreement and Farmers…  


New Opportunity to Influence Farm Policy at the Local Level – The power to make decisions about agricultural policies and programs lies not only with Congress and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) officials, but also in the hands of farmers, ranchers, and rural community members across the country. Stakeholders interested in being involved in federal decision making without taking a trip to Washington D.C., should explore the possibility of participating in their local Farm Service Agency (FSA) County Committee. Whether you choose to run as a candidate, or simply exercise your right to vote, engaging with your local FSA County Committee is a good way to ensure your voice is heard on important farm policy decisions.READ MORE  


NSAC is Hiring! Seeking a Northeast Grassroots Organizer – NSAC is currently seeking a full-time Field Organizer to work on the ground in six New England states along with New York, coordinating grassroots advocacy campaign efforts on behalf of NSAC and the American Farmland Trust (AFT). This position is projected to last for a minimum of two years. To read more about the position, click here.


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