Apprenticeship: BK Farmyards Urban Chickens, Brooklyn


Now Accepting Apprentice for spring 2011 Urban chicken keeping is becoming increasingly popular throughout New York City. Stories are constantly in the news on the joys and sorrows of the hobby, as more local stores are selling chicken keeping supplies. However keeping chickens is not an easy task for those faint-at-heart! Keeping chickens happy and healthy takes a lot of skill and know how, and there are few experts in the city to turn to. This is why last year, after endless requests for help with backyard birds, BK Farmyards launched the cities first training program on Urban Chicken Keeping.


The Chicken Apprenticeship Program is designed to teach people interested in keeping their own hens in a backyard or community space, with the knowledge and experience needed to be a responsible chicken owner. The Apprenticeship is a serious commitment-apprentices must commit to working with the bk farmyards for 3 months, about 4 hours a day. Bee Ayer, BK Farmyards Farm Manager says “3 months is really just enough time to get the basics down, and really feel comfortable handling the birds, along with the joy of having birds, comes serious commitment, our apprenticeship allows participants to see if they are ready for it”. About a dozen people have gone through the program already, and the demand for training and advice, as well as fresh eggs keeps growing.


BK farmyards is a new Brooklyn-based farming network providing locally-grown healthy & affordable food to Brooklyn residents and employment opportunities for youth and adults interested in food production. BK Farmyards managed the Youth Farm at the High School for Public Service in partnership with Green Guerillas.  The mission of the 1-acre Youth Farm at the High School for Public Service is to educate and engage the community in urban food production through farm-based curriculum. The Farms first year activities included in-class food systems curriculum, an after-school Farm Club, a Summer Youth Employment Program, and an on-site Farmers Market providing thousands of pounds of produce to the community. Additionally, they consult with local, developers, land owners and organizations interested in transforming underutilized land into productive food growing spaces.

Apprenticeship Applications can be found at

For more information on BK Farmyards or the Chicken Apprenticeship Program, or to schedule an interview with Bee Ayer, please call 917-589-6619 or email

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